The rebirth of a classic

The rebirth of a classic

“The Famous Old Brand” makes a strong comeback


As spirits entrepreneur Matti Anttila sought out as much as he could to find out more about the brand to give it the proper respect it deserves.

The brand Chicken Cock dates back to the prohibition days when it was renowned for its unique packaging, which was tin cans, and became widely famous for its great taste.

Originally owned by James A. Miller in 1856, who passed shortly after its inception, the distillery changed hands to George G. White who did change the name of the distillery but kept the brand of The Old J. A. Miller Chicken Cock. Working to keep the recipe and distilling process the same the brand was becoming more and more popular. The distillery began to bottle enough to keep 6 warehouses of whiskey full in the late 1800s.

Right around the prohibition era the distilling rights would be bought and moved to Montreal, Canada. This didn't affect the brand's popularity, just the way folks would get their whiskey.

This was the time Chicken Cock would begin to be packaged in tin cans to be easily concealed.

The brand would come to be the house whiskey at famous clubs like The Cotton Club and would even gain recognition from famous musicians like Duke Ellington.

2011 saw the resurgence of the Chicken Cock spirit begin to take shape. Two limited releases, one in 2017 and the other in 2018 were decided upon by the distillery. To assist in the specialized manufacture of this storied brand, Grain & Barrel Spirits teamed up with Bardstown Bourbon Co. and joined their Collaborative Distilling Program before the end of 2018.

Chicken Cock has brought the old tin from the Prohibition period back.


Cotton Club Rye was a 20-Year-Old Canadian Rye that was the first in a series that will be released every holiday season to resemble the bourbon offered at the Cotton Club during Prohibition. Cotton Club Rye has received acclaim for its packaging, stunning gold color, and most importantly, the superb quality of the whiskey in the bottle. It has a small run of fewer than 100 barrels and is highly allocated. Keep an eye out for the second release of our commemorative tin in the fall of 22; it's a bourbon finished with cognac that won't let you down.

A great place to get your hands on the limited run is Get a bottle this holiday season as a gift or a great addition to any gathering as you celebrate culture and history. Must be 21 to order.