Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky

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Introducing Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky, a luscious and indulgent expression crafted to captivate your senses with the vibrant essence of ripe peaches. Infused with natural peach flavors, this whiskey offers a delightful twist on the classic Crown Royal profile, bringing a burst of fruity sweetness to every sip.

Upon pouring, Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky reveals a mesmerizing golden hue, hinting at the delicious flavors within. The aroma is inviting and aromatic, with notes of fresh peaches that transport you to a sun-kissed orchard in full bloom.

On the palate, this whiskey delights with its velvety smooth texture and rich, juicy peach flavor. Each sip is a harmonious blend of sweet and fruity notes, balanced perfectly with the signature smoothness of Crown Royal Canadian whisky.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail, Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky is sure to elevate any occasion with its irresistible taste and aroma. Savor the sweetness of summer all year round with this deliciously decadent expression from Crown Royal.



Tasting Notes

Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky presents a radiant golden hue, reminiscent of the sun-kissed skin of a ripe peach.

Upon nosing, the aroma unfolds with enticing notes of fresh peaches, offering a delightful burst of fruity sweetness. Subtle undertones of vanilla and oak add depth and complexity to the bouquet.

On the palate, Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky delights with a velvety smooth texture and rich, juicy peach flavor. The sweetness of the peaches is perfectly balanced with the smoothness of Crown Royal Canadian whisky, creating a harmonious and indulgent taste experience.

The finish is long and lingering, with the flavors lingering gracefully on the palate. Crown Royal Peach Flavored Whisky leaves a warm and inviting impression, inviting another sip to savor its deliciously fruity taste.

Distillery Information

Distiller Pro. Crown Royal currently has approximately 2 million barrels of whisky maturing in 46 warehouses in the area around Gimli, Manitoba, Canada. . Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye whisky is a blend made from a 90% rye mashbill.
Crown Royal is produced solely at the company's distillery at Gimli, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
This Crown Royal release is a blend, 95% of which is rye grain distilled at the company's distillery in Gimli, Manitoba. When reviewed upon its first release in 2015 it was given a respectable 91 points by Whisky Advocate.
Crown Royal is Canadian whiskey so since it's made outside of the U.S. That immediately disqualifies it as a Bourbon. It's legal definition is “Canadian Blended Whisky” and while it may have a rye dominance its production methods keep it from being legally classified as a “Rye Whiskey” as well.Canadian whiskies are most typically blends of whiskies made from a single grain, principally corn and rye, but also sometimes wheat or barley. Mash bills of multiple grains may also be used for some flavouring whiskies.
Nestled along the western shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba lies the small town of Gimli, where a dedicated group of workers give their time and passion to oversee the creation of Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Blended Canadian Whisky.
Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Blended Canadian Whisky combines the distinctive flavour of Canadian rye grain with the unmistakable smoothness of Crown Royal for a truly exceptional Canadian whisky.
Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whisky is made from Canadian rye grain, certified by the #1 Canadian Western.