Smoke Wagon Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey
Smoke Wagon Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey
Smoke Wagon Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey

Smoke Wagon Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey

Smoke Wagon Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey

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Introducing Smoke Wagon Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey – a true embodiment of craftsmanship and tradition. Meticulously curated and distilled to perfection, this exceptional whiskey is a testament to the rich heritage of American spirits.

Bottled In Bond, a mark of quality and authenticity, guarantees that this rye whiskey is the result of a single distillation season, aged for at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse, and bottled at 100 proof – ensuring a robust and full-bodied flavor profile that is both bold and balanced.

Elevate your whiskey experience with Smoke Wagon's Straight Rye, where every sip unveils a symphony of flavors. The nose captivates with a harmonious blend of warm baking spices, complemented by subtle hints of vanilla and caramel. On the palate, the robust rye character takes center stage, delivering a delightful dance of peppery notes intertwined with sweet undertones of honey and oak.

Crafted with precision and passion, Smoke Wagon's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of this Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey. The carefully selected grains, the patient aging process, and the meticulous blending all contribute to an unparalleled drinking experience. Each bottle is a work of art, a celebration of the time-honored traditions that make American whiskey truly exceptional.

Whether you're a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of spirits, Smoke Wagon's Bottled In Bond Straight Rye Whiskey is a must-have addition to your collection. Savor the complexity, embrace the depth, and experience the true essence of American craftsmanship with every sip. Elevate your moments with Smoke Wagon – where tradition meets perfection in a bottle.

Rich amber hues glisten in the glass, offering a visual prelude to the complexity that awaits. Its lustrous color hints at the meticulously aged spirits within, promising a sensory journey of depth and character.

Upon the first inhalation, an inviting bouquet unfolds. Warm baking spices, notably cinnamon and nutmeg, dance alongside sweet vanilla and caramel. The nose is nuanced and inviting, offering a harmonious blend that captivates the senses and foreshadows the whiskey's intricate flavor profile.

The palate delivers a robust symphony of flavors that showcases the unmistakable character of a well-crafted rye. A bold entrance of peppery notes engages the taste buds, providing a lively and invigorating experience. The spice is masterfully balanced by layers of sweet honey, creating a delightful interplay that evolves on the palate.

As the tasting experience concludes, Smoke Wagon's Bottled In Bond Rye leaves a lasting impression. The finish is enduring, offering a gentle fade of warmth that lingers on the tongue. Subtle echoes of oak surface, providing a satisfying conclusion to a journey that began with a promise of authenticity and craftsmanship.

In the United States, rye whiskey is, by law, made from a mash of at least 51 percent rye. (The other ingredients in the mash are usually corn and malted barley.) It is distilled to no more than 160 U.S. proof (80% abv) and aged in charred, new oak barrels.
The company's logo features two of these Smoke Wagons over the state of Nevada with their motto derived from Seneca, “Bibamus Moriendum Est” (Drink, for we must die). Today the company continues to contract-distill bourbon at MGP which is then aged in MGP's warehouses and imported as needed.
Smoke Wagon is actually old west slang for the 1873 Colt single action army revolver or "the gun that won the west". Our logo stamped in wax consists of two crossed Smoke Wagons over the state of Nevada. Below it is our motto and a quote from Seneca, bibamus moriendum est.
The malted barley really shines through upfront, starting the Flavor journey off sweet and creamy with notes of caramel, cereal and what can only be described as..well... malt. The rye kicks off the Finish with tons of cinnamon spice, big black pepper combined with smoky Flavor notes courtesy of the malted barley.

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