Top 5 Bourbons to try under$100 in 2022

Top 5 Bourbons to try under$100 in 2022

With the holidays not too far away,

why not try a few different bourbons that could make a statement at holiday parties or serve as great gifts? We put together a list of the best 5 bourbons to try for under $100. There are bottles on this list that range from all different price points but as you’ll find, sometimes great bourbons come at great prices.

  • Eagle Rare 10-year Bourbon- At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a spirit doesn't simply win the Double Gold Medal five times without being a knockout. Eagle Rare 10 Year contains dry elements of earthy rich cocoa and woody oak with a delightful sweetness from almond and cherry aromas.
  • Wild Turkey 101- It's important to make sure your liquor cabinet is filled with a reliable go-to whiskey that you won't regret putting into a cocktail, in addition to one or two good sipping bourbons for special occasions. But it needs to be a strong, well-made bourbon that won't get lost in the mix of flavors in your drink. It's difficult to think of another bottle that consistently outperforms Wild Turkey 101 in this regard.
  • Markers Mark 46 cast strength- Maker's Mark 46 is matured like any other bourbon, but distillers add French oak staves to the casks to enhance the bourbon's earthy flavors. One of the choices that are ideal to test straight on the rocks. But if you treat yourself to a bottle, you might be motivated to try experimenting with mixing cocktails with it.
  • Rowans Creek- Rowan's Creek is a superb small-batch bourbon that has earned numerous gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is named after the actual creek that flows through the historic and family-owned Willett Distillery. Rowan's Creek, which is bottled at just a touch over 100 proof, entices one to the glass with playful scents of spice and mint. On the tongue, it is thick and woody with opulent notes of molasses and chocolate.
  • Bulleit 10 year- Whiskey connoisseurs are undoubtedly familiar with Bulleit Bourbon because it has one of the most adaptable flavor profiles available and is one of the most versatile selections. The 10-year-old bourbon from Bulleit, however, is underappreciated and merits being added to your list. Bulleit 10 Year has a depth of taste unsurpassed by the original because it is matured for ten years in charred American white oak barrels. If you want to improve your ability to taste bourbon, try it beside its simpler equivalent.

Now you give one of these a try and see for yourself

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