Four Roses Small Batch Select Whiskey

Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon Whiskey

Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon Whiskey

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Introducing Four Roses Small Batch Select Whiskey, a refined expression meticulously crafted to embody the essence of quality and tradition synonymous with Four Roses Distillery. This distinctive bourbon is carefully blended from a select range of high-quality barrels, each chosen for its unique character and contribution to the final blend.

Crafted under the expert guidance of the master distiller, Four Roses Small Batch Select Whiskey offers a balanced and sophisticated drinking experience. The carefully curated combination of bourbons results in a harmonious blend of flavors, showcasing notes of rich caramel, creamy vanilla, and toasted oak, complemented by hints of ripe fruits and baking spices.

Upon pouring, this whiskey reveals a deep amber hue, inviting you to savor its complex aroma. The nose is greeted with enticing scents of caramelized sugar, honey, and citrus zest, underscored by subtle floral undertones and a touch of spice.

On the palate, Four Roses Small Batch Select Whiskey delights with its smooth and velvety texture. The initial sip offers a burst of sweet caramel and vanilla, followed by layers of oak and spice that linger on the palate. The whiskey's medium body and balanced finish make it an ideal choice for sipping neat or crafting classic bourbon cocktails.

Presented in the iconic Four Roses bottle, this small batch bourbon is a true testament to the brand's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Whether enjoyed on special occasions or as an everyday indulgence, Four Roses Small Batch Select Whiskey is sure to elevate any whiskey experience with its exceptional flavor and character.

Appearance: Golden amber with hints of copper, Four Roses Small Batch Select Whiskey presents a rich and inviting color in the glass, promising depth and complexity.

Nose: The aroma is nuanced and inviting, with notes of caramel, honey, and citrus zest dancing on the nose. Subtle hints of vanilla, oak, and baking spices add depth and intrigue, creating an enticing olfactory experience.

Palate: On the palate, this whiskey offers a smooth and velvety texture, with flavors of sweet caramel, creamy vanilla, and toasted oak taking center stage. Ripe fruits, such as apricot and cherry, mingle with hints of cinnamon and clove, adding complexity and depth to the palate.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of caramel, oak, and spice. A touch of warmth envelops the palate, leaving a pleasant sensation that invites another sip.

Four Roses is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey produced in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Its Spanish Mission-style distillery was built in 1910 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Old Prentice Distillery.
The Four Roses Distillery is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and produces 6 brands, labels and variations of Bourbon. Four Roses is owned by Kirin Brewing Company which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The Four Roses Distillery's history starts with how the company found its name.
Single Barrel is bottled from casks aged between 8 and 9 years old and made only using the higher of Four Roses two rye recipes (OB) and the yeast variant 'V' which imparts light and delicate fruity flavours.
For someone who wants a more complex bourbon experience, Four Roses Single Barrel is a 100-proof bourbon that embodies the uniqueness of an individual barrel which was hand selected by our Master Distiller. It achieves a pronounced yet elegant flavor that is worth savoring.

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