Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon

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Introducing Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon, a finely crafted expression that captures the essence of American valor and the unwavering dedication of the Green Berets, known as the Horse Soldiers. This small-batch bourbon is a testament to the spirit of these elite warriors, reflecting a commitment to excellence and a tradition of craftsmanship.

Meticulously distilled with a mash bill of the highest quality corn, malted barley, and rye, Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon undergoes a precise aging process in new, charred American oak barrels. The result is a rich and nuanced bourbon with a beautiful amber hue and a complexity that develops over time.

On the nose, this bourbon offers a delightful blend of vanilla, caramel, and a subtle hint of spice. The first sip reveals a velvety texture that coats the palate, delivering a harmonious fusion of sweet notes, toasted oak, and a gentle warmth. Layers of complexity unfold, showcasing the expertise and care invested in its creation.

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon is a versatile and approachable whiskey, perfect for sipping neat or elevating classic cocktails. Its smooth and well-balanced profile makes it a go-to choice for both seasoned bourbon enthusiasts and those new to the world of fine spirits.

Embodying the legacy of the Horse Soldiers, this bourbon is not merely a libation; it is a symbol of strength, courage, and the pursuit of excellence. Each bottle carries the iconic emblem of the Horse Soldiers, a reminder of the sacrifice and valor that inspires every sip of this exceptional small-batch bourbon. Elevate your bourbon experience with Horse Soldier Small Batch – a tribute to American heroes and a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship.

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon greets the eye with a rich and inviting amber hue, a testament to its careful maturation in new, charred American oak barrels. The liquid exhibits a warm glow, foreshadowing the depth and character awaiting exploration.

Upon nosing, a delightful bouquet unfolds. Notes of vanilla bean and caramel swirl together, creating a sweet and inviting aroma. Subtle hints of dried fruit and a touch of baking spice add complexity, showcasing the careful balance struck in the distillation and aging processes.

The first sip introduces a velvety texture that envelops the palate. The flavor profile is a harmonious blend of sweet and savory elements. Rich caramel and toffee provide a luscious sweetness, while oak undertones offer depth and structure. A gentle warmth emerges, revealing layers of complexity that make each sip a nuanced and enjoyable experience.

Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon concludes with a satisfying and lingering finish. The warmth persists, accompanied by echoes of vanilla and a touch of toasted oak. The aftertaste is a graceful reminder of the bourbon's craftsmanship, inviting reflection on the intricate flavors experienced throughout the tasting journey.

Horse Soldier Bourbon comes from the American Freedom Distillery, located in St. Petersberg, Florida. Founded by veterans, the Florida location is where they make rum and other spirits. The bourbon is distilled in Ohio in conjunction with Middle West Spirits.
Koko, Pritchard-Koko, and Neil first decided to create the Kentucky-based American Freedom Distillery — the distiller of Horse Soldier Bourbon — after tasting remarkable whiskey at a distillery in Driggs, Idaho.ODA 595's three-week horseback military operation earned them the moniker “Horse Soldiers,” and the name stuck. Years later, in 2015, military veterans John Koko and Scott Neil, alongside designer Elizabeth Pritchard-Koko, founded Horse Soldier Bourbon.Barrell Whiskey 004 was distilled in Indiana and Tennessee and aged for 11 years in used American oak barrels, then finished in rum casks and rye barrels and bottled in Kentucky at 120.6 proof. We selected barrels of a Tennessee bourbon and an Indiana whiskey for this batch.
John Koko has been on an incredible journey. From elite warrior to elite bourbon maker, he has approached his life and career with grit, determination and the ability to adapt, traits seen in many Stetson alumni.
American Freedom Distillery, located in St. Petersburg, Florida is proud to announce their historic packaging of their wildly popular Horse Soldier Bourbon; Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon is bottled in glass pressed from a mold created with steel from the World Trade Center.

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