Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey

Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey

Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey

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Experience the best of both worlds with the Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey, a curated collection that combines the rich, nuanced flavors of bourbon with the bold, spicy character of straight rye. This exclusive bundle offers aficionados the opportunity to indulge in the exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive taste profiles of both Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon and Elijah Craig Straight Rye Whiskey in one convenient package.

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon: Savor the smooth, complex flavors of Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon, renowned for its rich caramel and honeyed sweetness, complemented by notes of warm vanilla and toasted oak. Each sip delivers a symphony of flavors that dance gracefully on the palate, inviting exploration and enjoyment.

Elijah Craig Straight Rye Whiskey: Experience the bold, spicy character of Elijah Craig Straight Rye Whiskey, with its robust flavor profile dominated by peppery rye spice, hints of dried fruit, and a touch of oak. The whiskey's boldness is balanced by a smooth, velvety texture, making it a versatile and satisfying choice for whiskey enthusiasts.

Craftsmanship and Quality: Crafted with precision and care, each bottle in the Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey exemplifies the commitment to quality and tradition that defines the Elijah Craig brand. Whether enjoyed individually or paired together, these whiskeys offer a drinking experience that is both memorable and satisfying.

Versatile Enjoyment: With the Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey, you have the flexibility to enjoy each whiskey on its own or experiment with creative cocktail recipes that showcase the unique characteristics of both bourbon and rye. Whether you prefer the smooth elegance of bourbon or the bold spiciness of rye, this bundle has something to please every palate.

In each bottle of the Elijah Craig Small Batch X Straight Rye Bundle Whiskey, a rich amber hue entices the eye, promising a depth of flavor and complexity that is sure to delight.

Upon nosing, the bouquet unfolds with inviting aromas that marry the rich caramel and honeyed sweetness of the bourbon with the bold, spicy character of the rye. Notes of warm vanilla, toasted oak, and peppery spice dance harmoniously, inviting anticipation for the tasting experience ahead.

With the first sip, the palate is enveloped in a luxurious blend of flavors, with the smooth, complex profile of the bourbon intertwining seamlessly with the robust, peppery notes of the rye. Rich caramel and honeyed sweetness dominate the forefront, while hints of dried fruit and oak add depth and complexity. The velvety texture of the whiskey coats the tongue, leaving a lingering warmth and satisfaction with each sip.

The finish is long and satisfying, with echoes of caramel and spice that gradually fade into a warm, comforting embrace. A subtle hint of oak lingers on the palate, inviting another sip and prolonging the pleasure of the tasting experience. As the flavors dissipate, a sense of contentment settles in, leaving a lasting impression of satisfaction and enjoyment.

The company is headquartered in Bardstown, Kentucky, and its distillery (called the Heaven Hill Bernheim distillery) is in Louisville, Kentucky.
Elijah Craig opened a distillery in 1789, and in June of that year, one of his barns partially burned down.
This particular offering is sourced from a 'short barrel' and limited to just 70 bottles, featuring an uncut, unfiltered 8-year old single barrel bourbon that has been privately selected from Heaven Hill's flagship brand.
Uncut, straight from the barrel without chill filtering, the nose, taste, and finish created by 12 years of aging are preserved in their simplest form. At full barrel proof, you can enjoy Elijah Craig much the same way our Master Distillers do when they sample straight from the barrel in our Kentucky rickhouses.
Elijah Craig (ca. 1745–18 May 1808), Baptist minister and distiller, was born in Orange County and was the son of Tolever Craig and Mary Hawkins Craig. He received a rudimentary education and lived an unremarkable life until 1764, when the preaching of David Thomas led him to a religious conversion.
Reverend Elijah Craig was a Baptist preacher, an educator, and an entrepreneur who built the first paper and wool mills in Georgetown, Kentucky. But for all his industries, it was his gift as a distiller and an innovator that brought him his greatest acclaim.
The bourbon has a nice roundness to its mouthfeel that makes it a joy to sip, but it's more of a blunt oaky and sweet vanilla flavor hit, than a complex array of flavors. That said, it's an enjoyable sip. Cinnamon and oak aftertaste that does a good job lingering long after the sip.

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