Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years

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Indulge in the refined elegance of Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years—an exceptional spirit that exemplifies the artistry of American whiskey-making. Crafted by Widow Jane Distillery with meticulous care and aged to perfection for a decade, this limited edition bourbon offers a sensory journey through time and tradition.

A Decade of Maturation: Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years is a testament to patience and craftsmanship. Mellowed by a full ten years of aging in charred oak barrels, this bourbon attains a depth and complexity that reflect the passage of time and the artistry of Widow Jane Distillery.

Rich and Robust Flavor Profile: Unlock the flavor symphony within each sip. A harmonious blend of vanilla and caramel greets the palate, accompanied by the warmth of toasted oak. The extended aging process enhances the bourbon's character, infusing it with notes of dried fruits, decadent chocolate, and a subtle spiciness that tantalizes the taste buds.

Smooth and Full-Bodied: Widow Jane Bourbon Aged 10 Years boasts a luxuriously smooth and full-bodied texture that envelops the palate. Each sip is a velvety experience, inviting you to savor the rich layers of flavor that have evolved during its decade-long maturation.

Crafted in Red Hook, Brooklyn: Distilled and bottled in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn, Widow Jane honors tradition while embracing the creative spirit of its urban surroundings. This bourbon is a reflection of the vibrant energy and artisanal craftsmanship that define Widow Jane Distillery.

Limited Edition Prestige: As a 10-year-aged release, Widow Jane Bourbon holds a place of prestige in the world of American whiskey. Each bottle is a collector's item, a limited edition expression that captures the essence of Widow Jane's dedication to quality and time-honored techniques.

Bottled at Cask Strength: Widow Jane Bourbon Aged 10 Years is bottled at cask strength, ensuring that every drop retains the robust intensity and unadulterated essence of its decade-long maturation. This feature allows connoisseurs to experience the bourbon in its purest form, unbridled and undiluted.

Collector's Item Packaging: Adorned with a distinctive label and housed in a collector's item packaging, each bottle of Widow Jane Bourbon Aged 10 Years is a visual masterpiece. The attention to detail extends beyond the liquid itself, making it a stunning addition to any whiskey aficionado's collection.

Savor the Legacy: Savor the legacy of a decade in every pour. Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years invites you to embark on a journey through time, where tradition meets innovation and craftsmanship is aged to perfection. Whether enjoyed neat or as the centerpiece of your favorite cocktail, this bourbon is a celebration of American whiskey heritage. Cheers to a decade of excellence in every bottle.



Tasting Notes

Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years:

In the glass, Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years unveils a rich and lustrous mahogany, radiating warmth and depth. Its luxurious hue hints at the decade-long maturation, inviting anticipation for the sensory journey that lies ahead.

As the aromas unfurl, the nose is greeted by an intricate bouquet. A symphony of vanilla and caramel notes emerges, woven together with a gentle waft of toasted oak. Subtle hints of dried fruits, such as figs and apricots, add layers of complexity, creating an inviting aroma that promises a nuanced tasting experience.

The first sip is a revelation of the bourbon's maturity. Robust flavors of dark chocolate and toffee dance on the palate, complemented by the sweetness of maple syrup. The interplay of oak spices and a delicate peppery warmth showcases the careful balance achieved during a decade of aging, offering a palate that is both bold and refined.

Distillery Information

Founded in [year], Widow Jane Distillery has a rich history rooted in tradition and innovation. Explore the founders' journey, the inspiration behind the distillery's name, and the milestones that have shaped Widow Jane into a respected name in the world of American whiskey.

Delve into Widow Jane's commitment to craftsmanship. Understand the distillation methods, grain selection, and maturation processes that contribute to the distinct character of Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey Aged 10 Years. Learn how the distillery balances tradition with a creative approach to whiskey-making.