White Claw Variety Pack Flavor Collection No. 3 (12Pack Cans)

White Claw Variety Pack Flavor Collection No. 3 (12Pack Cans)

White Claw Variety Pack Flavor Collection No. 3 (12Pack Cans)

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Introducing the White Claw Variety Pack Flavor Collection No. 3, a sensational assortment of refreshing hard seltzer flavors in a convenient 12-pack of cans. This collection offers an exciting array of flavors to tantalize your taste buds and elevate any occasion.

Crafted with quality ingredients and expertly blended, each can in this variety pack delivers a crisp and invigorating drinking experience. From classic favorites to exciting new twists, the Flavor Collection No. 3 has something for everyone.

Indulge in the zesty tang of lemon-lime, the juicy sweetness of raspberry, the tropical paradise of mango, or the refreshing citrus burst of ruby grapefruit. With a flavor for every palate, this collection is perfect for poolside lounging, backyard barbecues, or simply unwinding after a long day.

With its eye-catching packaging and delicious flavors, the White Claw Variety Pack Flavor Collection No. 3 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any gathering. Stock up today and experience the crisp, clean taste of White Claw hard seltzer in all its flavorful glory.

Appearance: The variety pack presents itself with a vibrant and inviting display of colors, each can showcasing a different flavor. The packaging is sleek and modern, hinting at the refreshing experience within.

Aroma: Upon opening the first can, a medley of enticing aromas fills the air, offering a preview of the flavor adventure to come. From the zesty citrus notes to the sweet and fruity scents, each aroma invites exploration.

Taste: With each sip, the palate is treated to a symphony of flavors that dance across the taste buds. The lemon-lime offers a refreshing burst of citrus, while the raspberry delights with its juicy sweetness. The mango transports the senses to a tropical paradise, and the ruby grapefruit delivers a tangy and invigorating finish.

Texture: The texture of each flavor is light and crisp, with a refreshing effervescence that enhances the drinking experience. The carbonation is perfectly balanced, providing a satisfying fizz without overwhelming the palate.

Finish: As each flavor is savored and enjoyed, a clean and refreshing finish lingers on the palate, leaving a sense of satisfaction and contentment. The flavors fade gracefully, inviting you to reach for another can and continue the flavor journey.

White Claw ® Hard Seltzer is made from a blend of seltzer water, our gluten free vodka base, and a hint of fruit flavour. Check below to see our full ingredients and nutrition labels. Ingredients: Carbonated water, Vodka, Cane sugar, Natural flavour, Citric acid.
In terms of ingredients, White Claw Hard Seltzers are simply made from seltzer water, a gluten-free malted triple distilled alcohol base, and fruit flavor.
Mango White Claw is a delicious alcoholic beverage consisting of seltzer water, alcohol (5% alcohol by volume), and just the right amount of delicate fruit flavor that comes from real mango.Seltzer: Seltzer is artificially carbonated, plain water made by dissolving carbon dioxide. This process raises the pH balance. Club Soda: Like seltzer, club soda is an artificially carbonated water made by dissolving carbon dioxide.
Sparkling water with alcohol and a hint of natural Mango flavour. Enjoy pure refreshment with this crisp, refreshing, summer fruit flavour year-round.

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