West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky

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Embark on a distinctive whiskey journey with West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky—a truly exceptional expression that pushes the boundaries of innovation in Irish whiskey craftsmanship. This limited edition release from West Cork Distillers introduces a unique maturation process, with casks charred using ancient bog oak, resulting in a whiskey that captivates the senses and pays homage to Ireland's rich natural heritage.

Bog Oak Maturation: The defining feature of this expression lies in the use of bog oak in the charring of the casks. Derived from ancient Irish bogs, the oak introduces a unique character, infusing the whiskey with a rare combination of smokiness and depth. The result is a whisky that not only reflects the artistry of distillation but also pays homage to Ireland's natural heritage.

Craftsmanship and Tradition: Crafted by the skilled hands at West Cork Distillers, this expression seamlessly marries traditional distillation techniques with innovative cask maturation. The use of bog oak charred casks showcases the distillery's commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor exploration while staying true to the essence of Irish whiskey craftsmanship.

Collector's Edition: Presented in a distinguished bottle with a bespoke label, West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky is a collector's dream. Each release is a testament to the distillery's dedication to producing unique and limited-edition expressions, making it a coveted addition to the shelves of whiskey enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Glengarriff Legacy: Named after the picturesque town of Glengarriff in County Cork, this expression is a tribute to the beauty and mystique of the region. The whiskey captures the essence of its surroundings, combining the influence of the bog oak with the rich history and natural splendor of Glengarriff.

A Sip of Irish Nature: West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky invites you to experience the essence of Ireland's natural wonders with each sip. From the ancient bogs to the charred casks, this expression is a celebration of the country's rich heritage and the innovative spirit of West Cork Distillers. Indulge in a whisky that transcends tradition, offering a taste of Ireland's untamed beauty.



Tasting Notes

West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky

In the glass, West Cork Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky unveils a deep amber, reminiscent of the ancient oak that played a role in its maturation. The liquid coats the glass, showcasing a velvety texture.

The aroma is a captivating interplay of smokiness and sweetness. A waft of campfire smoke mingles with notes of honeyed malt and rich toffee. Delicate hints of dried fruits, such as figs and apricots, emerge, adding layers of complexity to the nose.

The first sip is an exploration of depth and flavor. Robust flavors of charred oak and subtle peat smoke intertwine with a symphony of dark chocolate, caramel, and candied orange peel. The influence of the bog oak adds an earthy quality, creating a unique and memorable palate experience.

Distillery Information

West Cork Distillers was founded in 2003 by three friends: John O'Connell, Denis McCarthy, and Ger McCarthy. The distillery is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the production of Irish whiskey. West Cork Distillers has grown to become one of the leading independent whiskey producers in Ireland.
Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Expression:

Production: The Glengarriff Bog Oak Charred Cask Whisky likely involves a unique maturation process using casks charred with ancient bog oak. The influence of this process imparts distinct smokiness and depth to the whisky. As a limited edition, it may vary in release details, such as the specific casks used and the aging period.