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Introducing Vikera Reposado Tequila – a testament to the artful balance of tradition and innovation. Crafted with the finest blue agave and aged to perfection, this Reposado expression from Vikera marries the vibrancy of youth with the refined character bestowed by oak aging. Elevate your tequila experience with the nuanced flavors and smoothness that define Vikera Reposado.

Agave Brilliance: Vikera Reposado Tequila begins its journey in the sun-drenched agave fields of Mexico. Harvested at peak maturity, the blue agave hearts undergo a meticulous distillation process, capturing the essence of the plant's natural sweetness and vitality.

Aged Elegance: Resting in oak barrels for a precisely calculated period, Vikera Reposado achieves a delicate balance of flavors. The aging process imparts a gentle amber hue and infuses the tequila with the subtle complexity of oak, creating a Reposado that is both vibrant and elegantly mature.

Flavor Harmony: The flavor profile of Vikera Reposado is a harmonious blend of agave sweetness, vanilla, and a touch of caramel. The oak influence adds depth, providing a velvety texture and a hint of spice that dances on the palate. The result is a Reposado tequila that captivates with its rich and well-balanced taste.

Versatile Enjoyment: Vikera Reposado Tequila is versatile in its enjoyment, whether sipped neat to appreciate its full character or as the foundation for premium cocktails. The smoothness and complexity make it a perfect choice for those seeking a tequila that transcends the ordinary.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Crafted with artisanal precision, Vikera Reposado Tequila reflects the dedication and passion of Mexico's tequila-making heritage. Every bottle is a testament to the artistry that transforms agave into a spirit that embodies both youthful exuberance and refined sophistication.

Collector's Pride: The distinctive presentation of Vikera Reposado, from the carefully designed bottle to the golden elixir within, is a source of pride for collectors and tequila enthusiasts alike. Displaying the commitment to quality and innovation, this Reposado tequila is a treasure to be savored.

Indulge in the artful fusion of agave brilliance and oak-aged elegance with Vikera Reposado Tequila. Elevate your tequila experience and discover the balance of flavors that defines this exceptional Reposado expression. Cheers to the craftsmanship of Vikera Tequila.



Tasting Notes

Vikera Reposado Tequila opens with an inviting bouquet that balances the vibrancy of blue agave with the subtle allure of oak aging. The nose reveals a symphony of sweet vanilla, caramel, and a hint of honey, intertwined with the fresh and herbal notes characteristic of quality Reposado tequila.

The palate is a journey through a well-rounded flavor profile. Vikera Reposado boasts a foundation of agave sweetness, enriched by the influence of oak. Creamy notes of vanilla and toffee dance on the taste buds, creating a luscious and velvety texture. A delicate touch of cinnamon and a hint of baking spices contribute to the complexity, elevating the Reposado experience.

In the mid-palate, Vikera Reposado continues to unfold its character. The agave's herbal essence intertwines with the oak's subtle influence, offering a delightful interplay of flavors. The balance between sweetness and spice is impeccably maintained, showcasing the craftsmanship that defines this Reposado expression.

The finish is a lingering celebration of the tequila's complexity. Oaky warmth embraces the palate, leaving behind a gentle trail of caramel and a touch of citrus. The Reposado's smooth and mellow finish invites reflection, encouraging enthusiasts to savor the moments following each sip.

Distillery Information

Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant. The drink is typically composed of 40% – 60% alcohol by volume (80 – 120 proof) and is made in Mexico. Tequila is made from the heart of the agave plant, which is called the piña.
The first distillation process takes place in steel distillation columns, during which water is removed and alcohol is concentrated from fermented agave juice. The second distillation takes place in stills to obtain tequila with a range of 55-65% alcohol, depending on the brand.