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Embark on a spirited journey filled with laughter and joy with Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila. Crafted with passion and tradition, this mezcal invites you to savor the vibrant flavors of Mexico's agave heartlands with every sip.

Vamonos Riendo, meaning "Let's Go Laughing" in Spanish, embodies the spirit of celebration and camaraderie that defines the mezcal tradition. Made from the finest agave plants, harvested by skilled hands in the rugged landscapes of Oaxaca, each bottle encapsulates the essence of Mexican hospitality and warmth.

Upon first pour, Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila captivates with its golden hue, reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind every bottle. The aroma is a symphony of earthy agave, smoky mesquite, and hints of citrus, inviting you to dive into a world of flavor and discovery.

On the palate, Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila delivers a smooth and velvety texture, with layers of complexity unfolding with each sip. Notes of roasted agave and charred oak mingle harmoniously with undertones of vanilla and caramel, creating a nuanced and satisfying taste experience that lingers long after the last drop.

Versatile and full of character, Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila is perfect for sipping neat, or as the foundation for creative cocktails that celebrate the spirit of Mexico. Whether shared among friends or enjoyed in quiet contemplation, it promises to ignite the senses and elevate any moment with its bold and distinctive flavors.

Join the celebration and raise a glass to laughter, friendship, and the vibrant spirit of Mexico with Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila. With every sip, you'll be transported to the heart of Oaxaca, where the laughter flows as freely as the mezcal, and every moment is a reason to celebrate.



Tasting Notes

Appearance: Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila presents itself with a captivating golden hue, hinting at the depth and complexity of flavors within. Its clarity reflects the purity and craftsmanship of traditional mezcal production.

Nose: Upon nosing, aromas of roasted agave immediately fill the air, accompanied by subtle hints of smoky mesquite and charred oak. Undertones of citrus add a refreshing brightness to the bouquet, while a touch of vanilla and caramel lend a hint of sweetness and depth.

Palate: The first sip reveals a velvety-smooth texture, with the rich flavors of roasted agave taking center stage. Layers of complexity unfold on the palate, with notes of charred oak, mesquite smoke, and caramel intertwining harmoniously. The citrus undertones add a refreshing contrast, balancing the sweetness with a subtle acidity.

Finish: Vamonos Riendo Mezcal Tequila leaves a lingering impression of warm agave and smoky oak on the palate, with a touch of sweetness that lingers pleasantly. The finish is long and satisfying, inviting another sip to prolong the enjoyment of its bold and distinctive flavors.

Distillery Information

Many believe that the Spanish invasion of the Aztec civilization in the 1500s marks the beginning of a distillation process used for the agave plant to make tequila. When brandy supplies ran low, Spaniards used mud and agave to create a drink (one more similar to modern-day mezcal).To truly be called mezcal, the liquor must come from certain areas. States that have certified mezcal agave growing areas with production facilities are Durango, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí, Puebla, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas.
While both spirits are distilled from the sugars of agave piñas, or hearts, the piñas are steamed in above-ground ovens to produce tequila and roasted in wood-fired, rock-lined pits to make mezcal, which accounts for the latter's smoky and savory flavor.The general process for mezcal production is integrated in various steps: harvesting and cutting agave, cooking, mashing, or milling to obtain agave juice rich in sugar, fermentation, first distillation, second distillation, cask maturation (if the mezcal is rested or aged), and finally the bottling.
Technically, all tequila is mezcal. The term mezcal refers to spirits made from the agave plant, while tequila refers to a specific type of mezcal that can only be made from blue Weber agave in five Mexican states. Mezcal can be made from a wide variety of agave varieties in nine Mexican states.
It is believed that Spanish conquerors taught distilling techniques to the Mexican natives around 400 years ago. Although for a long time Mezcal has not had much of an audience beyond Mexican borders, it's recently grown in popularity, especially in the United States and Japan.