Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple Spiked & Sparkling Water Beer 12oz

Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple Spiked & Sparkling Water Beer 12oz

Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple Spiked & Sparkling Water Beer 12oz

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Indulge in a tropical escape with Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple. Crafted to perfection, this spiked and sparkling water offers a burst of vibrant pineapple flavor in every sip. Whether you're lounging by the pool, enjoying a beach day, or simply seeking a refreshing pick-me-up, Truly Pineapple is the perfect choice for quenching your thirst and elevating your taste experience.

Craftsmanship: Crafted with care and precision, Truly Pineapple is made with quality ingredients and brewed to perfection. Real pineapple juice is carefully blended with hard seltzer to create a beverage that is both refreshing and satisfying. With just the right amount of sweetness and tartness, this drink offers a balanced and delightful taste experience that is sure to please.

Uniqueness: What sets Truly Pineapple apart is its authentic and vibrant pineapple flavor. Unlike other hard seltzers on the market, Truly Pineapple delivers a true taste of the tropics, transporting you to a sun-drenched paradise with every sip. Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed into cocktails, Truly Pineapple is sure to add a touch of tropical flair to any occasion.

Versatility: Truly Pineapple is the perfect beverage for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, relaxing on the patio, or unwinding after a long day, this drink is sure to hit the spot. Its refreshing flavor profile makes it a versatile choice for pairing with a wide range of foods, from grilled meats to fresh salads. With Truly Pineapple, the possibilities are endless.

Experience Tropical Refreshment: Experience the ultimate taste of the tropics with Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple. With its bold pineapple flavor, crisp sparkling water, and convenient packaging, this beverage is sure to become your new go-to drink for all of life's adventures. Elevate your refreshment game and enjoy the delicious taste of Truly Pineapple today.

Appearance: Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple presents a clear, effervescent liquid in the glass, glistening with a subtle sparkle, reminiscent of a tropical oasis.

Nose: Upon lifting the glass, the aroma of freshly sliced pineapple fills the air, transporting you to a sun-drenched paradise. Notes of sweet tropical fruit mingle with hints of citrus zest, creating an inviting bouquet.

Palate: The first sip unveils the vibrant taste of ripe pineapple, bursting with juicy sweetness and a refreshing tang. The crispness of sparkling water adds a light and effervescent texture, enhancing the tropical flavor experience. The balance of sweetness and acidity is perfectly harmonized, creating a deliciously refreshing beverage.

Finish: The finish is clean and invigorating, leaving the palate tingling with the lingering essence of pineapple. Truly Hard Seltzer Pineapple offers a delightful taste of the tropics in every sip, making it the perfect choice for enjoying under the sun or any time you crave a refreshing escape.

Hard seltzer is also a fermented, alcoholic beverage, but seltzers are made by fermenting cane sugar. They're not cocktails in a can; there's actually no liquor in them. They are their own type of alcoholic beverage. Hard seltzers are almost always around 4% to 5% alcohol by volume. TRULY Hard Seltzer? TRULY Hard Seltzer contains alcohol made from fermented cane sugar. There is a long-standing misconception that TRULY Hard Seltzer contains vodka as its alcohol base, likely because vodka also has a neutral flavor.Usually, hard seltzers are made from straight-up fermented cane sugar. Other times it could be brewed from malted barley, made with vodka, or even created gluten-free. These fizzy delights tend to have an alcohol content between 4 and 6 ABV, making them a refreshing and flavorful alternative to light beers.Truly is also brewed similarly to beer, with its alcohol content (also at 5 percent ABV) derived from fermented cane sugar. And both brands count natural flavors, cane sugar, and juice concentrate as ingredients. When it comes to nutritional values, the brands are fairly neck and neck.Both beer and hard seltzer are brewed and fermented from a sugar source that when paired with yeast creates alcohol. This process means hard seltzer somewhat surprisingly falls into the beer category as a “flavored malt beverage,” rather than into a pre-mix category.Hard Seltzer is the name given to a new and exciting category of alcoholic drink. Hard Seltzers are typically made with just three ingredients: sparkling water, alcohol and flavourings.Citrus Punch: Filtered Water, Alcohol, Natural Flavors, Contains Less than 2% of Citric Acid, Cane Sugar, Lime, Grapefruit, and Lemon Juices from Concentrate, Sodium Citrate, Stevia Sweetener, Colored with Pear Juice Concentrate. Free from Cereals and Their Derivatives.
Hard seltzers are very fizzy, most often showing 2.8 volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2). Their pH is low, often adjusted to 3.1 with citric or malic acid. The basic procedure for making a hard seltzer is to ferment a sugar solution to make a strong alcoholic base beverage.

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