Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka

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Introducing Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka—a refreshing and invigorating spirit that captures the essence of tropical relaxation. Immerse yourself in a cool oasis of flavor as the crispness of cucumber meets the smoothness of premium vodka, creating a crafted experience that transports you to the laid-back elegance of island living.

Crisp Tropical Infusion: Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka is a crisp tropical infusion that embodies the freshness of the islands. The essence of sun-drenched cucumbers is masterfully blended with premium vodka, resulting in a spirit that captures the rejuvenating spirit of a cool breeze on a warm day.

Light and Elegant Hue: In the glass, this vodka reveals a light and elegant hue—a visual prelude to the refreshing journey that awaits. The clarity of the liquid hints at the purity of its ingredients, setting the stage for a sophisticated and invigorating drinking experience.

Aroma of Garden Freshness: As you raise the glass, an inviting aroma of garden-fresh cucumber wafts gently into the air. The fragrance is a celebration of natural purity, promising a crisp and clean palate that awakens the senses to the beauty of the botanical infusion.

Smooth Sipping Experience: The first sip is a revelation of smoothness. Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka glides effortlessly across the palate, delivering a harmonious blend of cucumber essence and premium vodka. The result is a refined and satisfying sipping experience that exudes tropical sophistication.

Versatile Mixology Companion: A versatile companion for mixology enthusiasts, this cucumber vodka adapts effortlessly to a variety of cocktails. Whether enjoyed on the rocks, as the star ingredient in a refreshing martini, or as the base for creative concoctions, it invites you to explore the endless possibilities of tropical mixology.

Island-Inspired Refreshment: Indulge in island-inspired refreshment with every sip. The cucumber infusion brings a touch of the tropics to your glass, creating a momentary escape to the carefree ambiance of Tommy Bahama's world—a world where relaxation and sophistication intertwine seamlessly.

Chilled Perfection: Best enjoyed chilled, this cucumber vodka offers perfection in every cooling sip. Whether savored during a sunset soiree, a beachside gathering, or a quiet moment of personal escape, it promises to elevate your vodka experience to a new level of refreshing sophistication.

Tommy Bahama Lifestyle in a Bottle: Rooted in the laid-back luxury of the Tommy Bahama lifestyle, this Cucumber Vodka embodies the brand's commitment to quality, relaxation, and the joy of embracing life's finer moments. Each pour is an invitation to escape, unwind, and savor the cool embrace of island living.




Tasting Notes

Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka invites you with its crystal-clear appearance, reminiscent of pristine island waters. The vodka's clarity hints at the purity and freshness that define its character.

Upon nosing, a burst of invigorating garden-fresh cucumber emerges, creating an aromatic dance that is both crisp and uplifting. The fragrance is a celebration of natural purity, preparing the senses for the refreshing journey ahead.

The first sip unfolds a smooth and sophisticated palate. Tommy Bahama Cucumber Vodka introduces a harmonious blend of premium vodka and the essence of sun-drenched cucumbers. The result is a refined and satisfying sipping experience that showcases the balance of flavors.

Distillery Information

Coral Cay Distilling embraces the island life by carefully and meticulously handcrafting a superb line up of spirits for Tommy Bahama. The culture and attention to detail at the Tommy Bahama brand ensure that those admirers are consistently treated to quality products that are inspired, authentic, and add depth to their own island lifestyles.