Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition – 1L

Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition – 1L

Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition – 1L

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Introducing the Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition – a limited release in a generous 1-liter format that embodies the essence of passion and craftsmanship. Crafted from 100% blue Weber agave, this Anejo tequila represents the culmination of Mandala's dedication to creating exceptional spirits.

In this exclusive edition, Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition has undergone a meticulous aging process that imparts a deep, amber hue to the liquid, reflecting the time spent maturing in oak barrels. The nose is a symphony of inviting aromas, with hints of cooked agave, vanilla, and subtle notes of oak, setting the stage for a sublime tasting experience.

On the palate, this Anejo tequila reveals a velvety smoothness that caresses the senses. Rich and complex flavors unfold, including the signature agave sweetness complemented by nuances of caramel, toffee, and a touch of chocolate. The extended aging process enhances the depth and sophistication, creating a tequila that is both bold and refined.

The Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition is more than a spirit; it's a celebration of love, passion, and the art of distillation. Presented in an exclusive 1-liter bottle, adorned with the distinctive Mandala logo, this limited edition is a standout addition to any collection or a generous gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Elevate your moments with this exclusive Live Through Love Edition – a tequila masterpiece that captures the spirit of Mandala and invites you to savor the extraordinary in every sip. Cheers to the art of love, craftsmanship, and the richness found in this exceptional Anejo tequila.

Appearance: In this exclusive 1-liter edition, Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love reveals a deep, inviting amber hue, reflecting the extensive aging process in oak barrels. The generous bottle size emphasizes the significance of this limited release.

Nose: The aromatic journey begins with an enchanting bouquet, featuring hints of cooked agave that intertwine with the sweet warmth of vanilla. Subtle notes of oak add complexity to the nose, creating an alluring and sophisticated olfactory experience.

Palate: The first sip is a revelation of velvety smoothness and opulent complexity. The agave sweetness takes center stage, accompanied by layers of caramel, toffee, and a delicate touch of chocolate. The extended aging process imparts a richness and depth that define this Anejo tequila as a true masterpiece.

Finish: Tequila Mandala Anejo 2023 Live Through Love Edition leaves a lasting impression with a finish that is both satisfying and contemplative. The warmth lingers, carrying echoes of agave sweetness and the subtle influence of oak, inviting reflection on the exceptional craftsmanship that went into creating this limited edition.

Tequila Mandala made from 100% Blue Weber Agave in Arenal, Jalisco. All our aged varieties are aged in French oak barrels.
Tequila Mandala award winning sipping Tequila produced in El Arenal, Jalisco, Mexico. Founded by Master Distiller Joel García Barreto and cousins Arturo Lomelí Ibarra and Humberto Ibarra Reyes.
This tequila is one of North America's first indigenous distilled spirits. The first mass-production tequila distillery was headed by the Marquis of Altamira, Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle, and was located in what is now modern-day Jalisco.
Mandala is much better than any of the reviews I have seem by tequila ranks, likely because it is sweet and very smooth.
Tequila Mandala Extra Anejo - Elegant with a great body, aged 7 years in French white oak barrels. Dedicated to those that love the extraordinary and special.
The Rock has his own successful tequila. The actor launched the Teremana brand in 2020. In these three years it has become one of the best-selling tequilas in the world, surpassing one million 9-liter cases sold annually.The word mandala itself simply means "circle" in Sanskrit. Definitions of mandala. any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe; used chiefly in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation. type of: design, figure, pattern. a decorative or artistic work.

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