Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado 1L

Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado 1L

Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado 1L

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Elevate your tequila experience with Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado, a testament to the rich heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of Mexico's tequila-making tradition. Meticulously crafted using the finest blue Weber agave, this premium reposado tequila is aged to perfection, resulting in a spirit of unparalleled quality and sophistication.

Upon pouring, Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado reveals a radiant golden hue, shimmering in the light like the Mexican sun on a warm summer's day. The aroma is an enticing blend of caramelized agave, toasted oak, and hints of vanilla, inviting you to embark on a journey of sensory exploration.

On the palate, this reposado tequila delivers a smooth and velvety texture, with layers of complexity that unfold with each sip. Flavors of sweet caramel, roasted nuts, and baking spices dance on the tongue, while subtle notes of tropical fruit and earthy undertones add depth and character.

The aging process in American oak barrels imparts a gentle warmth and richness to Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado, creating a balanced and nuanced flavor profile that lingers long after each sip. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for your favorite cocktails, it promises a drinking experience that is both refined and memorable.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado and savor the essence of Mexico's tequila culture. With its exceptional quality and distinctive character, it's the perfect choice for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Raise a glass and toast to the spirit of adventure, tradition, and authenticity with Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado. Salud.

Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado exhibits a radiant golden hue, reminiscent of honeyed amber, with glimmers of brilliance reflecting its aged refinement.

The aroma is a delightful fusion of caramelized agave, toasted oak, and subtle hints of vanilla. Notes of baked fruits and warm spices intertwine, creating an inviting bouquet that promises a rewarding tasting experience.

On the palate, Tequila Dame Mas Premium Reposado offers a velvety texture and a harmonious balance of flavors. Rich caramel and butterscotch mingle with oak-driven notes of toasted almonds and a touch of cinnamon, delivering a smooth and satisfying sensation with each sip.

The finish is long-lasting and satisfying, with lingering echoes of sweet agave, gentle spice, and a whisper of oak. A warm and comforting sensation envelops the palate, inviting another sip and leaving a lasting impression of craftsmanship and quality.

Tequila Dame Mas is Made in Tequila Jalisco, we. made it in a traditional process, using. mamposteria oven to cook our Agaves, open air. fermentation, twice distilled & twice filtered, Dame.
Reposado is made when Blanco tequila is aged anywhere from 2 to 11 months in oak barrels. This aging process allows the spirit to mellow and take on a deeper, more complex character. Reposado has a softer, smoother, more aromatic flavor than Blanco and often takes on vanilla or caramel flavors from the oak aging.Reposado tequila stays in the barrel for a duration of 2 months to a year, depending on the flavor profile a distiller is looking to achieve. Coming in contact with the wooden tannins of the oak, the tequila cloaks itself in a light golden hue, and with that, mellow flavors of caramel and vanilla.
A reposado that is aged correctly is a tequila that can do it all. “You might get more spice or sweet aromatics, so it's really good to sip neat,” says Walter Easterbrook, founder of Arte Agave, a festival for agave-based spirits. “But it's also versatile in cocktails.
By law, tequila comes from the Blue Weber agave plant of five Mexican states: Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit or Tamaulipas. The vast majority of tequila is produced and exported in Jalisco, with most tequila distilleries being located in the highland and lowland regions of the state.
Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the Weber blue agave plant that grows in Mexico. The blue agave plant has huge spikes that come up from a central core that is called the pina. After the leaves are removed, the pina is the part of the plant that is used to make tequila.

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