Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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Introducing the Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – a captivating expression of Ireland's rich whiskey heritage crafted with precision and passion by the Teeling Distillery. This exceptional whiskey is a true testament to the artistry of Teeling, a brand renowned for pushing the boundaries of tradition and redefining the Irish whiskey landscape.

Meticulously distilled in small batches using a unique combination of malted and unmalted barley, this Single Pot Still expression is a harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation. The triple-distillation process imparts a remarkable smoothness to the whiskey, while the careful selection of both American oak and European oak casks brings forth a symphony of complex flavors.

On the nose, Teeling Single Pot Still enchants with a bouquet of warm spices, vanilla, and hints of dried fruit. As you indulge in the first sip, the palate is greeted by a delightful medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, and sweet toffee, complemented by the subtle influence of toasted oak. The finish is a lingering, satisfying warmth that invites you to savor every moment.

This whiskey not only pays homage to Ireland's proud distilling heritage but also showcases Teeling's commitment to innovation. The inclusion of unmalted barley adds a distinctive character to the spirit, setting it apart from the crowd and providing a truly unique tasting experience.

Encased in an elegantly designed bottle, the Teeling Single Pot Still is not just a drink; it's an invitation to explore the depth and complexity of Irish whiskey. Whether you are a seasoned whiskey enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of spirits, this expression promises a journey of discovery and a celebration of the craftsmanship that defines the Teeling legacy.

Elevate your whiskey collection with Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey – where tradition meets innovation in a glass.



Tasting Notes

Rich amber hues dance in the glass, catching the light and promising a whiskey of depth and character.

The aroma unfolds with an enticing blend of warm spices, predominantly cinnamon and nutmeg, accompanied by a delicate touch of vanilla sweetness. As you delve deeper, subtle notes of dried fruits emerge, offering a tantalizing complexity.

Upon the first sip, a velvety texture coats the palate, delivering a harmonious fusion of flavors. Cinnamon and nutmeg continue their dance, interwoven with the richness of toffee and a gentle hint of dark chocolate. The inclusion of unmalted barley adds a distinctive grain character that contributes to the whiskey's unique profile.

The finish is a crescendo of warmth and satisfaction, leaving a lasting impression. Toasted oak becomes more pronounced, creating a delightful interplay with the lingering spices. As the flavors gracefully fade, a touch of sweet vanilla emerges, inviting you to savor the memory of this exceptional Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

Distillery Information

By heating the wash still to a certain temperature, the lighter alcohol evaporates and rises to the top in the neck of the still. The rest of the wash remains in the still. The alcohol vapour is then cooled and collected in spirit receivers. To obtain whiskey, the process must be repeated.
The Irish have been doing it this way for centuries. But there's a good reason why. Distilling a liquid three times—as opposed to the more traditional double distillation of Scotch Single Malt—results in a rounded, smoother spirit that is more inviting and more accessible to most palates.