Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof

Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof

Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof

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Introducing Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof, a bold and unbridled expression of Mexico's tequila heritage. This high-proof masterpiece is a testament to the uncompromising commitment to excellence that defines the Tapatío brand. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled tasting experience as Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof unveils the true essence of handpicked blue agave, meticulously distilled to perfection.

With a crystal-clear appearance, this tequila invites you into a world of pure intensity and vibrancy. The nose captivates with the raw, earthy aroma of agave, accompanied by lively citrus notes and a subtle floral undertone, setting the stage for what promises to be a thrilling journey for the senses.

The palate delivers an explosion of flavor, where the robust agave profile takes center stage. At 110 Proof, Tapatío Blanco is an unabashed celebration of the spirit's authenticity, offering a dynamic interplay of peppery spice, herbal hints, and a touch of citrus zest. The high proof amplifies the tequila's character, creating a powerful and invigorating experience for the adventurous connoisseur.

The finish is long-lasting and warming, leaving a trail of spicy notes that linger on the palate, a testament to the intensity and craftsmanship that defines Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof. This tequila is not merely a spirit; it's an invitation to embrace the bold and unapologetic spirit of Mexico's tequila culture.

Packaged in the iconic Tapatío bottle, this Blanco 110 Proof is a collector's dream and a must-have for those seeking an extraordinary and intense tequila experience. Whether sipped neat or expertly crafted into a bold cocktail, Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof stands as a symbol of tequila craftsmanship at its finest. Elevate your tasting adventure with Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof — where potency meets perfection.

Crystal-clear and shimmering, Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof presents itself as a pure and unadulterated spirit, promising a sensory adventure of unparalleled intensity.

Prepare for an invigorating olfactory experience as the raw and vibrant essence of blue agave takes center stage. The aroma is assertive, with pronounced notes of earthiness and a zesty burst of citrus. Subtle hints of peppery spice and a delicate floral undertone add layers of complexity to the nose.

The first sip delivers an electrifying punch of flavor. Robust agave flavors dominate, showcasing the unbridled power of Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof. The palate is treated to a dynamic interplay of peppery heat, herbal nuances, and a bold citrus zest. The high proof intensifies the tequila's character, creating a rich and multidimensional tasting experience that demands attention.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a warm and lingering sensation. The peppery spice persists, providing a delightful tingle that gradually fades, leaving an impression of the tequila's bold and unapologetic nature. Tapatío Blanco 110 Proof leaves a lasting memory, inviting aficionados to appreciate the tequila's strength and complexity.

Founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernández on July 7, 1973 and in 1940 started the sale of Tequila 100% blue agave "Tapatío".
In 1937, Don Felipe opened La Alteña Distillery in the mountainous region of Jalisco, Mexico, known for producing the best blue agave. His passion for doing things just right inspired his family to continue handcrafting Tapatio so it could be enjoyed by future generations.

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