Stoli® Vanilla Vodka

Stoli® Vanilla Vodka

Stoli® Vanilla Vodka

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Introducing Stoli® Vanilla Vodka – a seductive symphony of smooth, premium vodka infused with the rich and creamy essence of vanilla. Crafted with precision and expertise by the renowned Stolichnaya distillery, this exquisite spirit is a tribute to indulgence and sophistication.

Unleash your senses as the velvety texture of Stoli® Vanilla Vodka caresses your palate. Distilled using the finest wheat and pure artesian well water, it undergoes a meticulous filtration process, ensuring unparalleled clarity and purity. The result is a vodka that not only embodies the classic Stoli smoothness but also introduces a decadent twist with the unmistakable warmth of natural vanilla.

Whether enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into your favorite cocktails, Stoli® Vanilla Vodka elevates every sip to a new level of luxury. Its versatility shines through in both traditional and contemporary drinks, adding a luscious depth to classic martinis or a delightful dimension to innovative concoctions.

The enticing aroma of Madagascar vanilla beans fills the air as you uncap the bottle, setting the stage for a tasting experience that is both indulgent and memorable. The sleek and sophisticated packaging reflects the premium quality within, making Stoli® Vanilla Vodka a statement addition to any liquor collection.

Elevate your gatherings, celebrations, and moments of relaxation with Stoli® Vanilla Vodka – where the pure essence of vanilla meets the excellence of Stolichnaya craftsmanship. Let the smooth, creamy flavor inspire your taste buds and redefine your perception of luxury vodka.

Rich and softly aromatic with warm floral notes, Stoli® Vanilla has a gentle yet distinctly sweet vanilla flavor. Known and loved for its sweet and indulgent character, vanilla is a classic flavor for a reason.

Stolichnaya (Russian: Столичная) is a vodka made of wheat and rye grain. It originated in the Soviet Union in 1938. There are two versions of the vodka: the version found outside Russia is made in Latvia, while the version found inside Russia is made there.
Stolichnaya® Premium Vodka is the result of triple distillation in which heads and tails are wisely cut to give the distillate the highest recognized grade of quality, the Alpha Spirit one. Alpha Spirit is then filtered four times, before through quartz sand and then through birch charcoal.
Made from the finest wheat and distilled into the highest quality alcohol, the process starts in Latvia, at the magnificent Latvijas Balzams distillery (built by order of the Tsar in 1900) where the spirit is then filtered through charcoal and quartz sand and blended with pure artesian well water, to create vodka of ...

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