St. George Terroir Gin

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Embark on a sensory journey through the rugged landscapes of Northern California with St. George Terroir Gin. Crafted by the visionary distillers at St. George Spirits, this exceptional gin captures the essence of the region's wilderness, offering a taste of the untamed beauty and diverse botanicals found in its terroir.

Each sip of St. George Terroir Gin is a revelation, transporting you to the majestic forests and coastal cliffs of Northern California. Infused with a unique blend of botanicals, including Douglas fir, California bay laurel, and coastal sage, this gin captures the essence of the region's flora, creating a truly distinctive and evocative spirit.

On the nose, St. George Terroir Gin entices with the aroma of fresh pine needles, mingling with hints of citrus and herbal notes. The palate unfolds with a complex interplay of flavors, with the resinous warmth of Douglas fir balanced by the bright zestiness of citrus and the earthy, aromatic qualities of bay laurel and sage.

With its smooth and balanced profile, St. George Terroir Gin is perfect for sipping neat, yet its bold character also shines in cocktails, adding depth and complexity to classic gin-based drinks. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing G&T on a sunny afternoon or as a sophisticated martini at the end of the day, St. George Terroir Gin offers a taste of the wild beauty and botanical bounty of Northern California.

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