Siete Leguas Tequila Blanco Tequila

Siete Leguas Tequila Blanco Tequila

Siete Leguas Tequila Blanco Tequila

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Siete Leguas Tequila Blanco Tequila embodies the essence of Mexican craftsmanship and tradition, delivering a pure and authentic expression of agave spirits. Carefully crafted using agave plants harvested at peak maturity, this blanco tequila is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the distillers at Siete Leguas.

From the moment it touches your lips, Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila offers a sensory journey unlike any other. Its crystal-clear appearance hints at the purity within, while the aroma of roasted agave fills the air, accompanied by subtle floral notes and a touch of citrus zest.

On the palate, this tequila dances with lively flavors, showcasing the vibrant character of the agave plant. Crisp and refreshing, it delights with a perfect balance of sweetness and earthiness, with hints of peppery spice adding complexity and depth.

Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila is the ideal choice for sipping neat or crafting your favorite cocktails. Whether enjoyed in a classic margarita or savored on its own, its smooth and velvety texture, coupled with its bold and expressive flavor profile, promises a memorable drinking experience.

Indulge in the spirit of Mexico with Siete Leguas Tequila Blanco Tequila, a true embodiment of the country's rich tequila-making heritage. With each sip, you'll taste the passion and tradition that have made Siete Leguas a revered name in the world of agave spirits.

Siete Leguas Tequila Blanco Tequila showcases a crystal-clear appearance, glimmering in the glass with pristine clarity.

Upon nosing, vibrant aromas of roasted agave immediately greet the senses, offering a true essence of the noble plant. Notes of citrus zest dance alongside hints of sweet floral undertones, creating an inviting bouquet that promises a refreshing experience.

On the palate, Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila reveals its impeccable craftsmanship with every sip. The taste unfolds with a burst of crisp agave sweetness, followed by subtle earthy undertones that lend depth and complexity to the flavor profile. A touch of black pepper spice adds a tantalizing kick, balancing the sweetness and enhancing the overall character of the spirit.

The finish is clean, smooth, and refreshing, leaving a lingering impression of agave sweetness on the palate. There's a gentle warmth that persists, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the tequila's purity and craftsmanship.

Siete Leguas tequila is produced at two distilleries in the Jalisco highland town of Atotonilco el Alto: Fabrica El Centenario and Fabrica La Vencedora. The majority of the blue Weber agave used in production comes from Siete Leguas' own fields.Siete Leguas is comprised of two distilleries sitting side by side in the Los Altos town of Atotonilco - Fabrica el Centenario and Fabrica La Vencedora - and at the helm is Master Tequilero and owner, Don Ignacio Gonzalez Vargas.
US distributor Haleybrooke International has signed an agreement to represent the super-premium Tequila Siete Leguas in the duty free channel in the Americas, and to assist in developing Tequila Siete Leguas (“Seven Leagues”) in other travel retail markets.Tequila (/təˈkiːlə/; Spanish: [teˈkila]) is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila 65 km (40 mi) northwest of Guadalajara, and in the Jaliscan Highlands (Los Altos de Jalisco) of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco.
Siete Leguas means 'seven leagues' and was the name of Pancho Villa's favourite horse. The company that produces Siete Leguas is most famous for having produced Patron at the time when that brand was building its reputation as the best premium tequila in town.
Distillation is in five copper pot stills. Siete Leguas uses 75-80 per cent agave from their own fields and the tequila produced is blended from the production of both el Centenario and la Vencedora distilleries. Filtration prior to bottling is at ambient temperature using simple cellulose pad filters.

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