Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco

Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco

Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco

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Introducing Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco Tequila, a distinguished embodiment of seven decades of unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise. Meticulously crafted by the renowned Siete Leguas distillery, this Blanco Tequila represents the pinnacle of agave excellence, capturing the pure essence of Mexico's time-honored tequila-making traditions.

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear brilliance of this tequila, a visual testament to its pristine quality. Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco is expertly crafted using 100% blue agave, harvested at the peak of maturity. The result is a tequila that showcases the true character of the agave plant, unmasked by aging, allowing its natural vibrancy to shine through.

Upon the first sip, experience the crisp and lively profile that is characteristic of a premium Blanco Tequila. The agave's purity takes center stage, delivering bright and herbaceous notes that dance on the palate. Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco is a celebration of simplicity, allowing the drinker to appreciate the agave in its unadulterated form.

This tequila is not just a spirit; it is a tribute to seven decades of dedication, passion, and mastery. Savor the essence of tradition with every sip, as Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco Tequila invites you to embark on a journey through time and taste. Raise your glass to the past, present, and future of tequila excellence. Salud!

Crystal-clear and luminous, this Blanco Tequila presents itself in its purest form, showcasing the pristine quality of 100% blue agave.

Upon nosing, the aromatic bouquet is fresh and lively, with distinct notes of citrus and earthy agave. Delicate herbal undertones add complexity, creating an inviting and vibrant olfactory experience.

The first sip reveals a crisp and clean palate, with the agave taking center stage. Bright and herbaceous, the tequila unfolds with a lively character, offering a taste of the blue agave in its purest form. A subtle sweetness and hints of citrus contribute to a well-balanced and refreshing profile.

Siete Leguas Siete Decadas Blanco Tequila leaves a lasting impression with a smooth and satisfying finish. The purity of the agave lingers, providing a clean and uncompromised conclusion to the tasting experience.

Siete Leguas is comprised of two distilleries sitting side by side in the Los Altos town of Atotonilco - Fabrica el Centenario and Fabrica La Vencedora - and at the helm is Master Tequilero and owner, Don Ignacio Gonzalez Vargas.
Siete Leguas means 'seven leagues' and was the name of Pancho Villa's favourite horse. The company that produces Siete Leguas is most famous for having produced Patron at the time when that brand was building its reputation as the best premium tequila in town. Not cheap, but a must-have for tequila nuts.
Siete Leguas was founded in 1952 by Don Ignacio Gonzalez Vargas in the town of Atotonilco, Jalisco. Vargas opened the El Centenario distillery, applying traditional methods such as mule-drawn tahonas and wild-yeast fermentation. He named the tequila after the horse of Mexican revolutionary Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

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