Shibui Pure Malt Whiskey 10 Year

Shibui Pure Malt Whiskey 10 Year

Shibui Pure Malt Whiskey 10 Year

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Introducing Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year – A Decade of Distinction Unleashed

Embark on a sensory journey with Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year, a masterpiece that marries time-honored tradition with a decade of meticulous aging. Crafted with precision and care, this exceptional pure malt whisky offers a connoisseur's delight, embodying the essence of sophistication in every golden drop.

Craftsmanship: Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year is a testament to the artistry of our master distillers. The finest malted barley, selected for its exceptional quality, undergoes a meticulous distillation process, followed by a decade-long maturation in oak barrels. The result is a whisky that embodies the perfect harmony of time, craftsmanship, and the unique character imparted by the aging process.

Elegance in Presentation: Encased in a sophisticated bottle, Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year reflects the refined character within. The label, adorned with subtle gold accents, pays homage to the exclusivity of this limited-edition release. From the first pour to the last drop, each moment with Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year is an ode to elegance and taste.

Versatility Redefined: Whether savored neat, on the rocks, or as the cornerstone of a classic cocktail, Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year elevates any drinking experience. Its versatility makes it a discerning choice for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations, ensuring that every occasion is marked by sophistication and style.

Limited Edition Excellence: With a strictly limited release, Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year stands as a testament to exclusivity and quality. Secure your bottle today and savor a decade of distinction, as Shibui continues to redefine the boundaries of exceptional whisky craftsmanship.

Experience the culmination of a decade-long journey with Shibui Pure Malt Whisky 10 Year – where age, artistry, and flavor converge to create a whisky that transcends expectations.

Fresh wood barrel presides over the spirit with a touch of vanilla and flowers that bring breath of nectar, tones of citrus, Mizunara oak and coffee beans. This is a very smooth, rounded full palate and easy to drink.

Blended & bottled in Niigata, Japan, this 10 year old malt whisky is matured in American ex bourbon, Oloroso sherry & rare Japanese Mizunara Oak. Natural color with notes of plum, oak & cinnamon spice. 92 point score at USC, 91 points at IWSC & Gold medal at SFSC.
Made from 100% Premium Indica Long Grain Rice, Shibui 30yr Old Japanese Whisky is crafted in Okinawa, Japan. Fermented with Indigenous Okinawan Black Koji & Yeast, this whisky is double distilled in stainless steel pot-stills before it is aged for 30 years in Ex-Bourbon, Sherry & Virgin European White Oak.
The Yamazaki Distillery is Japan's first and oldest malt whisky distillery established in 1923 by Suntory's founder Shinjiro Torii. Inspired by traditional Scottish whisky, Torii envisioned a Japanese approach by choosing a terrain and climate completely different to those of Scotland to create a unique kind of whisky.
There are several companies producing whisky in Japan, but the two best-known and most widely available are Suntory and Nikka.

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