Senor Artesano Anejo Tequila Ceramic 1L

Senor Artesano Anejo Tequila Ceramic 1L

Senor Artesano Anejo Tequila Ceramic 1L

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Introducing Señor Artesano Añejo Tequila Ceramic – a true masterpiece of Mexican craftsmanship and premium tequila excellence. Encased in a beautifully handcrafted ceramic bottle, this Añejo tequila embodies the artistry and tradition of tequila making, delivering an unparalleled experience for aficionados and enthusiasts alike.

Aged to perfection, Señor Artesano Añejo Tequila captures the essence of time-honored techniques. The rich amber hue of the liquid promises depth and complexity, while the aroma entices with notes of oak, vanilla, and a subtle hint of spice. Each sip is a journey through the carefully selected barrels that have imparted their character to this exceptional tequila.

The ceramic bottle itself is a work of art, a testament to the dedication and skill of Mexican artisans. Its tactile elegance and intricate detailing showcase the commitment to quality and authenticity that defines Señor Artesano. This Añejo Tequila is not just a spirit; it's an expression of the cultural heritage and passion that go into crafting the finest tequilas.

Enjoy Señor Artesano Añejo Tequila neat, savoring the velvety smoothness and nuanced flavors, or elevate your mixology with cocktails that highlight its complexity. This tequila is more than a drink; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition, and the true spirit of Mexico. Experience the art of tequila with Señor Artesano Añejo – where every bottle is a masterpiece waiting to be uncorked. 

In the glass, Señor Artesano Añejo Tequila reveals a lustrous amber hue, reminiscent of polished mahogany. The tequila's clarity speaks to its meticulous aging process, promising a sensory journey of depth and refinement.

Elevating the senses, the aroma unfolds with layers of rich oak, complemented by a subtle sweetness of vanilla and a touch of warm spice. Delicate notes of caramelized agave add complexity, inviting anticipation of the luxurious experience ahead.

Upon the first sip, Señor Artesano Añejo Tequila caresses the palate with a velvety smoothness. The oak influence takes center stage, revealing deep, nuanced flavors of toasted wood and hints of dark chocolate. The interplay of vanilla and a touch of baking spices provides a harmonious balance, creating a sumptuous and well-rounded tequila experience.

The finish is a lingering embrace of warmth and sophistication. The smooth, long-lasting trail leaves echoes of oak, with a gentle sweetness that invites reflection on the artistry of this Añejo tequila. It's a finish that evolves, leaving a memorable imprint on the discerning palate.

Anejo refers to tequila that has been aged in oak barrels anywhere from one to three years. PATRÓN AÑEJO is carefully distilled and then aged for over 12 months in a combination of French oak, Hungarian oak and used American whiskey barrels to create our ultra-premium tequila.Tequila añejo is aged 1 to 4 years in oak barrels (añejo means “old” or “vintage” in Spanish). It tastes richer, with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Añejo shines when drunk straight and on the rocks, so you can taste the nuances of its character.Dos Artes Reserva Especial Añejo is created at the Tres Mujeres distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Founded in 1996, Tres Mujeres bakes agave hearts in masonry ovens using artisan techniques.The first distillation process takes place in steel distillation columns, during which water is removed and alcohol is concentrated from fermented agave juice. The second distillation takes place in stills to obtain tequila with a range of 55-65% alcohol, depending on the brand.

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