Saint Liberty Straight Bourbon Berties Cask Strength Womens Bootleggers Collection

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Introducing Saint Liberty Straight Bourbon Bertie's Cask Strength Women's Bootlegger's Collection—a bold and empowering expression of craftsmanship. This exceptional cask strength bourbon is a tribute to the resilient and trailblazing women who defied convention during Prohibition. Aged with precision and bottled at its full, undiluted potency, this limited edition release is a celebration of strength and character.

Bertie's Cask Strength captivates with its deep, russet hue, offering a visual hint of the robust and untamed spirit within. From the moment the bottle is opened, an enticing aroma of toasted oak, rich caramel, and a subtle undercurrent of spice fills the air.

Each sip delivers an intense and unapologetic experience. The palate is met with a powerful surge of flavors—notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and seasoned oak create a symphony that resonates with complexity. The high-proof intensity accentuates the bourbon's bold character, offering a visceral journey for the discerning palate.

This Women's Bootlegger's Collection pays homage to the fearless women who played a vital role in the clandestine world of bootlegging, challenging norms and leaving an indelible mark on history. The label design and packaging are a nod to the strength and resilience of these trailblazing women, making it not only a remarkable bourbon but also a collector's item with a story to tell.

Whether you're a bourbon aficionado seeking an unparalleled sipping experience or a collector looking for a unique addition to your repertoire, Saint Liberty Straight Bourbon Bertie's Cask Strength Women's Bootlegger's Collection stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of women and the craftsmanship that defines exceptional bourbon. Embrace the strength, relish the complexity, and make a statement with every pour.

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