Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine

Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine

Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine

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Indulge in the bold and captivating flavors of Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine, a true testament to the artistry of winemaking. Crafted from grapes sourced from the esteemed Rockpile AVA in Sonoma County, this wine embodies the rugged terroir and distinctive character of its origin.

Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine invites you on a sensory journey with its deep garnet hue, offering a glimpse into the intensity that awaits within. From the moment it is poured, aromas of dark berries, such as blackberry and boysenberry, mingle with hints of plum and black cherry, creating an enticing bouquet that promises a palate-pleasing experience.

On the palate, this wine delivers on its promise, with layers of rich, ripe fruit flavors enveloping the senses. Bold and full-bodied, it boasts velvety tannins and a luxurious mouthfeel, balanced by vibrant acidity that adds freshness and structure. Notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and vanilla bean add depth and complexity, while a touch of spice on the finish leaves a lingering, satisfying impression.

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with hearty dishes such as grilled meats, braised lamb, or aged cheeses, Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine is sure to elevate any dining experience. Its robust character and expressive personality make it a standout choice for wine enthusiasts seeking boldness and sophistication in every sip.

Experience the essence of Rockpile AVA with Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine – a wine that captures the rugged beauty and unparalleled quality of this acclaimed winemaking region. Cheers to adventure, discovery, and the pursuit of exceptional wine.




Deep and inviting garnet color, hinting at the wine's depth and intensity.

The bouquet is captivating, with bold aromas of dark berries taking center stage. Ripe blackberry and boysenberry mingle with notes of plum and black cherry, while subtle hints of vanilla and oak provide a backdrop of elegance.

On the palate, Rosenblum Rockpile Road Wine showcases its full-bodied character and rich texture. Ripe fruit flavors dominate, with layers of blackberry, raspberry, and plum unfolding with each sip. Velvety tannins lend structure and depth, while nuances of dark chocolate and espresso add complexity and intrigue. A touch of spice on the finish rounds out the palate, leaving a lingering impression of warmth and satisfaction.

The finish is long and lingering, with the wine's bold flavors tapering off gracefully. A subtle sweetness persists, balanced by a touch of acidity that leaves the palate refreshed and longing for another sip.

Based in Alameda, Rosenblum Cellars grew to become a stalwart producer of Zinfandel and Rhone Varietals, producing 200,000 cases each year, and was known as one of the "three Rs of Zinfandel" (Ravenswood, Ridge, and Rosenblum) before it was sold to Diageo in 2008 for $105 million (the brand is now owned by Bronco Wine.In 2008, Rosenblum and his wife Kathy sold their winery to Diageo for $105 million, in a move that surprised some.Established in 1866 by the Best family, it is one of Australia's oldest continuously family owned and operated wineries. Upon the passing of Henry Best, the winery was sold to the Thomson Family and is now in the safe hands of Managing Director and Vineyard Manager, 5th Generation, Ben Thomson.
Seven years after opening its doors to Old Town in 2015, Sonoma Cellar has become known for its fresh food, the quality of its wines and the wine country feel that founders Elizabeth and Rick Myllenbeck have tried so hard to emulate.Stretching from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Mayacamas Mountains in the east, Sonoma County is the largest wine producer in Northern California's Wine Country region, which also includes Napa, Mendocino, and Lake Counties.
Sonoma County wineries and wines are genuine and delicious, offering a true taste of this authentic Northern California Wine Country. With more than 425 wineries, there's bound to be an estate and a vintage to suit any taste.
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