R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey

R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey

R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey

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Introducing R6 Distillery's Single Malt Whiskey – a distinguished and finely crafted spirit that exemplifies the artistry of whiskey-making. Meticulously distilled and aged to perfection, our Single Malt Whiskey embodies the rich heritage and tradition of the finest distilleries.

Crafted with care and precision, R6 Distillery's master distillers select only the finest malted barley, ensuring a foundation of exceptional quality. The distillation process is a harmonious dance of time-honored techniques and modern innovation, resulting in a spirit that captivates the senses from the first sip.

Aged in carefully chosen oak barrels, our Single Malt Whiskey develops its character and complexity over time. The golden hue and inviting aroma beckon connoisseurs to indulge in a sensory journey. Notes of oak, vanilla, and a subtle hint of caramel create a symphony of flavors that unfold with each sip, leaving a lingering warmth that defines the true essence of this exceptional whiskey.

R6 Distillery's commitment to excellence extends to the presentation of our Single Malt Whiskey. The sleek and sophisticated bottle, adorned with the R6 Distillery emblem, reflects the craftsmanship within. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for your favorite cocktail, this whiskey is destined to elevate any occasion.

Immerse yourself in the world of R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey – where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story of passion and expertise. Elevate your whiskey experience with the embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship – R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey.

Appearance: The R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey greets the eye with a deep, amber hue, reminiscent of polished mahogany. Swirling the whiskey in the glass reveals a thick, luxurious viscosity, indicating a well-aged and expertly crafted spirit.

Nose: As the aroma unfolds, an enticing bouquet emerges, marrying the rich scent of seasoned oak with a delicate interplay of vanilla and toffee. Subtle hints of dried fruits, such as figs and apricots, add complexity to the olfactory experience, promising a layered and refined tasting journey.

Palate: The first sip reveals a symphony of flavors that dance across the palate. Smooth waves of caramel and honey introduce themselves, complemented by the warmth of toasted oak. The malted barley imparts a subtle nuttiness, creating a harmonious balance that defines the character of this single malt whiskey. Mid-palate, notes of dark chocolate and a touch of spice emerge, providing depth and intrigue.

Finish: The finish is a lingering embrace of warmth and sophistication. As the whiskey slowly fades, hints of vanilla and oak persist, leaving a memorable and satisfying conclusion. The smooth and velvety texture enhances the overall drinking experience, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the craftsmanship behind R6 Distillery Single Malt Whiskey.

R6 is a family and veteran owned distillery in El Segundo, California, just south of Los Angeles International Airport. We distill and create recipes for dozens of spirits and non-alcoholic beverages at our facility, and in 2017 opened our facility to service other brands.
The 'single' in 'single malt' simply means that the whisky is the product of a single distillery. Therefore, while a single malt can contain whisky from many different casks, all of this whisky must have been produced by one distillery.Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage made of fermented grains. Different grains are used, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat and all result in a different flavor or kind of whiskey. Whiskeys are also aged in wooden casks, which are sometimes new or sometimes used casks from other alcohol aging.Scotch malt whisky is made from malted barley using a batch distillation process in copper pot stills; it is typically full flavoured, and each distillery produces a spirit that possesses a unique flavour profile.
To be called a single malt whisky in Scotland, a bottle may only contain whisky distilled from malted barley and produced at a single distillery.
Typically single malt Scotch whisky is double distilled in distinctive copper pot stills. These stills are like very large kettles heating the liquid inside. The first distillation takes place in the 'wash' still where the alcohol vapours rise to the top first.

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