Potter's Holly Toddy Rum & Brandy 80

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Introducing Potter's Holly Toddy Rum & Brandy 80 - a spirited blend crafted to warm your soul and elevate your winter celebrations. Immerse yourself in the rich and indulgent flavors of this exceptional libation, carefully curated for those seeking a touch of luxury in every sip.

Our master blenders have artfully combined aged rum and premium brandy, creating a harmonious fusion that embodies the essence of the holiday season. With a smooth 80 proof, Potter's Holly Toddy Rum & Brandy strikes the perfect balance between strength and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as the star ingredient in your favorite festive cocktails.

The infusion of holly botanicals imparts a subtle yet enchanting twist to the blend, adding a touch of festive magic to every glass. This unique combination of spirits and botanicals creates a captivating symphony of flavors, featuring notes of caramel, oak, and a hint of seasonal spices. Whether you're gathered around the fireplace with loved ones or celebrating a joyous occasion, Potter's Holly Toddy Rum & Brandy 80 sets the stage for memorable moments.

The exquisite packaging reflects the premium quality within, making it a standout gift for discerning connoisseurs or a delightful addition to your own spirits collection. Embrace the warmth of the season with Potter's Holly Toddy Rum & Brandy 80, where tradition meets innovation in a bottle that captures the spirit of celebration. Cheers to the holidays and to the exceptional taste of Potter's Holly Toddy Rum & Brandy 80.




Tasting Notes

Rich amber hues cascade gracefully in the glass, hinting at the aged maturity of the spirits within. The liquid exhibits a lustrous clarity that captures the essence of refinement and craftsmanship.

Upon nosing, delightful aromas of caramelized sugar and toffee waft through the air, inviting you into a world of indulgence. Subtle hints of vanilla and oak intertwine, while a whisper of seasonal spices, reminiscent of cloves and cinnamon, adds a festive allure to the bouquet.

The initial sip unveils a velvety fusion of aged rum and premium brandy, creating a luscious and well-rounded foundation. A symphony of flavors unfolds, with notes of dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a subtle undertone of roasted nuts. The holly botanical infusion imparts a nuanced herbal complexity that elevates the tasting experience.

As the spirits dance on the palate, the finish is a lingering embrace of warmth and sophistication. The 80 proof strength contributes a gentle heat that resonates, leaving behind a satisfying afterglow. The marriage of flavors persists, with a delicate sweetness that balances the oak-driven depth, ensuring a memorable and gratifying conclusion.

Distillery Information

Rum and brandy have different primary ingredients. Rum is a type of liquor that is made after fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice, therefore it has sugarcane as the primary ingredient. In contrast, brandy is a type of distilled wine that is produced by fermenting different fruit mashes.Brandy. Though it is possible to make brandy from any fruit, the most popular choice for making them is early grapes. Used predominantly as an after dinner drink, brandy contains about 35% to 60% of alcohol.Distilled spirits like brandy, tequila, and rum are also gluten-free. Even if they're made with gluten ingredients, the protein is removed during the distilling process.Wine and beer are produced without distillation whereas whisky, brandy and rum are produced by distillation of the fermented broth.
Brandy refers to a distilled spirit made from a fruit-based wine and originates from the word 'brandewijn' which is Dutch for 'burnt wine. ' It can be produced using any fruits, for example pears apples or cherries, but brandy that is not made from grapes must be labelled with the fruit that it's made from.
Rum. Rum, a distilled drink made from fermented sugarcane or molasses, has a typical alcohol concentration of 40% ABV. Some rum is “overproof,” meaning that it has alcohol concentration of at least 57.5% ABV. Most overproof rum exceeds this minimum, usually reaching 75.5% ABV, which is equivalent to 151 proof.