Platinum 7X Vodka 1.75L

Platinum 7X Vodka 1.75L

Platinum 7X Vodka 1.75L

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Embrace the epitome of purity and smoothness with Platinum 7X Vodka. Crafted with precision and passion, this exceptional vodka undergoes a rigorous seven times distillation process, resulting in a spirit of unparalleled clarity and refinement.

Platinum 7X Vodka begins its journey with the finest grains meticulously selected for their quality and character. These grains are then distilled seven times through a state-of-the-art process that ensures the removal of impurities while preserving the vodka's inherent smoothness.

The result is a vodka of exceptional purity and smoothness, boasting a velvety texture that glides effortlessly over the palate. Each sip reveals a clean and crisp taste, with subtle hints of sweetness and a touch of warmth that lingers gently on the finish.

Versatile and impeccably balanced, Platinum 7X Vodka serves as the perfect foundation for a wide range of cocktails, from classic martinis to contemporary creations. Its neutral flavor profile allows other ingredients to shine, while its smoothness ensures a pleasurable drinking experience every time.

Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed into your favorite cocktail, Platinum 7X Vodka promises an unparalleled level of quality and sophistication. Elevate your spirits and indulge in the pure pleasure of Platinum 7X Vodka today.

Appearance: In the glass, Platinum 7X Vodka shimmers with crystal clarity, showcasing its purity and refinement.

Aroma: Upon nosing, a subtle and inviting aroma unfolds, offering delicate hints of grain with a whisper of sweetness. The aroma is clean and crisp, setting the stage for a smooth and satisfying tasting experience.

Palate: The first sip reveals a velvety-smooth texture that coats the palate with luxurious softness. Platinum 7X Vodka glides effortlessly, offering a clean and pure taste that is both refreshing and satisfying. Its neutral flavor profile allows for versatility, making it an ideal base for cocktails or enjoying neat.

Finish: The finish is clean and crisp, with a subtle warmth that lingers gently on the palate. There is a pleasant sensation of smoothness that persists, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the vodka's impeccable craftsmanship.

Platinum 7X Vodka is distilled 7 times at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort Kentucky. Platinum 7X Vodka is refined seven times from corn developed in America's heartland.
Platinum 7X is carefully crafted from 100% American Grains and proudly made in the USA. It is distilled seven times for exceptional purity and a consistently smooth finish, making it perfect for sipping chilled or for mixing in cocktails.
7x distilled vodka is a type of vodka that has been distilled seven times. The taste of vodka distilled 7x is cleaner and crisper than vodka that has been distilled just a few times. One vodka brand that is distilled 7x is Tito's Handmade Vodka.
Vodka goes through a column distillation process. This concept arrived in the 19th century when commercial distillers needed a faster method than pot distilling, which required cleaning after every batch. Column distilling involves large columns where mash/wash is constantly injected, and the steam rises to meet it.

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