Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac Original 1840 Formula 90

Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac Original 1840 Formula 90

Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac Original 1840 Formula 90

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Introducing the epitome of refinement and craftsmanship, the Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac Original 1840 Formula 90. This distinguished spirit pays homage to the rich heritage of cognac production, crafted with precision and passion in the heart of the Grande Champagne region.

Aged to Perfection: Each drop of this exceptional cognac is a testament to the artistry of time. Aged to perfection in French oak barrels, the marriage of eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne terroir creates a velvety texture and depth that sets it apart. The 90-proof strength adds a bold character, allowing the nuances of the blend to shine through with every sip.

Heritage and Tradition: The Original 1840 Formula 90 is a tribute to the legacy of Pierre Ferrand, a name synonymous with the finest cognac craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from historical recipes, this expression captures the essence of traditional production methods while embracing modern innovation.

Exquisite Presentation: Encased in an elegant bottle, the design reflects the timeless sophistication of this cognac. The label pays homage to the heritage of the Grande Champagne region, evoking a sense of prestige that befits the liquid gold within.

Perfect for Celebrations: Whether savored neat or as the foundation for classic cocktails, the Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac Original 1840 Formula 90 is an indulgence reserved for moments of celebration and contemplation. Elevate your gatherings with a touch of refinement and let the spirit of Grande Champagne unfold in every glass.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled taste and tradition with Pierre Ferrand Grande Champagne Cognac Original 1840 Formula 90 – an embodiment of excellence that transcends time and captivates the senses.

Capturing the essence of liquid gold, this cognac exhibits a rich and amber hue, offering a visual prelude to the indulgence that awaits within the glass.

As the aromas dance forth, indulge in a symphony of dried fruits, led by succulent apricots and figs. Delicate floral notes weave through the air, intertwined with subtle hints of jasmine and iris. The bouquet is further enriched by a touch of sweet vanilla, creating a tantalizing olfactory experience.

Upon the first sip, experience a velvety and well-rounded texture that coats the palate with finesse. The flavor profile unfolds gracefully, revealing the complexity of the Grande Champagne terroir. Dried fruits persist, accompanied by a gentle interplay of oak, delivering layers of depth. A subtle undertone of honey and vanilla adds a luxurious sweetness, enhancing the overall indulgence.

The finish is a lingering masterpiece, showcasing the perfect balance of warmth and sophistication. The oak influence persists, complemented by a touch of spice that leaves a lasting impression. As the flavors gradually fade, a sense of satisfaction and contentment settles in, inviting another sip to relish the intricate nuances.

Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac is produced from the Pierre Ferrand estate, a 100 ha vineyard and historic distillery in the heart of the golden triangle in Grande Champagne. In the 19th century, when the modern art of the bar was born, no spirit was more prized for mixing drinks than cognac.
A Cognac that offers notes of ripe, juicy grapes which are complemented by hints of meadow flowers and notes of acacia tree blossom, alongside a bracing hint of cedar. Palate: Warm with fruity flavors yet still very clean. The finish reveals the taste of honey and spices.Maison Ferrand also co-owns Logis d Angeac, a 100-hectare (247-acre) vineyard in the heart of Grande Champagne, which features a distillery that dates back to 1776.In addition to its head office in Ars,Maison Ferrand also has an office in Viroflay, in the Paris region.
cognac, a brandy produced in the Charente and Charente-Maritime départements of France and named for the town of Cognac in the locality.
Despite what you might think, Champagne Cognac is not made from Champagne, in the region of Champagne, nor from the grapes used to make Champagne. Champagne is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes. Cognac is most often made from Ugni Blanc grapes.This sultry French cognac is an aromatic blend of succulent grapes, floral blossoms and a hint of cedar. Warm, clean and sweet with a lightly spicy finish, it's the perfect combination of flavors for brandy lovers.
Cognac has many different flavors, it can be dry, sweet, spicy, fruity and bitter, it all depends on which cognac you are enjoying at the time. Younger cognacs tend to be sweeter and older ones dryer and spicier.

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