Pernod Absinthe Liqueur

Pernod Absinthe Liqueur

Pernod Absinthe Liqueur

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Introducing Pernod Absinthe Liqueur, a timeless and iconic spirit that carries the legacy of an age-old tradition. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this absinthe pays homage to the historical allure and mystique surrounding the "Green Fairy." Pernod Absinthe is a celebration of the artistry and craftsmanship that define the absinthe-making process.

The journey of Pernod Absinthe begins with a carefully curated selection of botanicals, including anise, fennel, and wormwood. These ingredients are meticulously distilled to create a base that captures the essence of traditional absinthe. The addition of aromatic herbs adds complexity, resulting in a spirit that is both bold and sophisticated.

Upon pouring, Pernod Absinthe unveils its signature louche – the mesmerizing transformation when water is added. As the spirit clouds and opalescence appears, it creates a captivating visual experience that adds to the ritual of enjoying absinthe.

The nose is an intricate interplay of herbal and anise notes, with a subtle hint of wormwood. The palate reveals a well-balanced symphony of flavors, featuring the distinctive licorice-like sweetness of anise, herbal nuances, and a touch of bitterness from the wormwood. The finish is lingering and complex, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the layers of flavor.

Pernod Absinthe is not just a drink; it's an experience. Whether enjoyed traditionally by dripping ice-cold water over a sugar cube or used as a unique cocktail ingredient, Pernod Absinthe transports enthusiasts to a bygone era of Bohemian culture and artistic inspiration.

Packaged in an elegant bottle that reflects the spirit's historic roots, Pernod Absinthe Liqueur is an embodiment of the Green Fairy's enchanting legacy. Elevate your spirit collection with this timeless absinthe, where tradition and craftsmanship converge in a bottle. Cheers to the revival of the absinthe ritual and the allure of Pernod – an absinthe experience like no other.

Pernod Absinthe Liqueur presents itself with a captivating and clear appearance, showcasing its bright green hue. The spirit's vibrancy is a visual prelude to the complex and dynamic tasting experience that follows.

Upon the addition of ice-cold water, Pernod Absinthe undergoes the mesmerizing louche – an enchanting transformation that introduces opalescent clouds into the emerald liquid. This ritual not only enhances the visual appeal but also signifies the traditional absinthe experience.

The nose is greeted with a complex bouquet of herbal and aromatic notes. Anise takes center stage, offering a licorice-like sweetness that intertwines with the earthy and slightly bitter undertones of wormwood. A subtle herbal freshness adds depth to the aromatic profile.

Pernod Absinthe reveals a well-balanced and sophisticated palate. The licorice-like sweetness of anise dominates, creating a smooth and velvety texture on the tongue. Herbal nuances contribute to the complexity, and a gentle bitterness from the wormwood adds a layer of depth. The palate is an intricate dance of flavors, reminiscent of the traditional absinthe ritual.

The finish is lingering and contemplative, with the herbal and anise notes gently fading. The complexity of Pernod Absinthe's flavor profile leaves a lasting impression, inviting enthusiasts to savor the aftertaste and reflect on the layers of botanicals that define this classic spirit.

The oldest anise liqueur in France, Pernod is made from distillates of star anise, fennel and 14 other botanicals such as coriander and mint. It has a low liquorice content, which sets it apart from pastis. The original version included wormwood and was produced as absinthe at the Pernod Fils factory from 1805.
In 2000, La Fée Absinthe became the first commercial absinthe distilled and bottled in France since the 1914 ban, but it is now one of dozens of brands that are produced and sold within France.
The story of Pernod Ricard begins in 1797 when Henri-Louis Pernod, born in Switzerland in 1776, opened an absinthe distillery in Switzerland. A few years later, in 1805, Henri-Louis Pernod founded another absinthe distillery, Maison Pernod Fils (known as Pernod Fils), in Pontarlier in France.Pernod later built a larger distillery in Pontarlier, France, in 1805. This set the stage that would cause the sleepy community of Pontarlier to eventually emerge as the home of twenty-eight commercial absinthe distilleries, and the world's center of absinthe production.
Traditionally, absinthe is distilled from dried herbs and wormwood. After mashing the wormwood and herbs together, the mixture is distilled in a water or steam bath until the distillate reaches an alcohol volume of 60% to 80%.

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