Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila

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Introducing Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila, a distinguished expression that captures the essence of Oaxacan mezcal tradition. Handcrafted with care and reverence, this mezcal pays homage to the sacred Maguey Criollo agave, a rare and prized varietal renowned for its complex flavors and deep cultural significance.

Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila is a testament to the artistry of Oaxacan mezcaleros who employ traditional methods passed down through generations. Harvested at peak maturity, the Maguey Criollo agave hearts undergo a meticulous production process, including slow-roasting in earthen pits, stone grinding, and natural fermentation. The result is a mezcal that encapsulates the soul of the Oaxacan landscape.

On the palate, Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila unfolds with a captivating interplay of smoky, earthy, and sweet notes. The distinct characteristics of the Maguey Criollo varietal shine through, offering a rich complexity that delights the senses. A harmonious balance of spice, herbal undertones, and a touch of citrus adds layers to this mezcal's extraordinary flavor profile.

Packaged in a bottle adorned with artwork inspired by Mexican folklore, Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila is more than a spirit; it's a cultural experience. Ideal for sipping or crafting artisanal cocktails, this mezcal invites enthusiasts to appreciate the authenticity and craftsmanship embedded in every sip.

Whether enjoyed neat or as a key ingredient in mezcal-based libations, Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila beckons you to savor the unique character and heritage of Oaxacan mezcal. Embrace the spirit of Mexico with each sip, and revel in the legacy of Peloton De La Muerte – where the art of mezcal comes to life in a bottle.



Tasting Notes

Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila presents itself with a golden amber hue, offering a visual representation of the meticulous crafting and aging process. Its warm color hints at the depth of flavors awaiting exploration.

The nose is immediately greeted with a bold and aromatic bouquet. Layers of smokiness intertwine with earthy undertones, revealing the distinct character of the Maguey Criollo agave. Subtle herbal notes and a touch of citrus add a vibrant and inviting complexity to the aroma.

Upon the first sip, Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Maguey Criollo Tequila envelops the palate with a rich and full-bodied texture. The mezcal unfolds with a symphony of flavors, featuring pronounced smokiness, herbal nuances, and a subtle sweetness. The Maguey Criollo varietal's unique characteristics shine through, creating a complex and engaging taste experience.

Flavor Profile:
The flavor profile is a celebration of the Maguey Criollo agave, offering a balance of smoky, earthy, and sweet elements. The mezcal reveals layers of complexity, with bold smokiness complemented by herbal undertones, subtle citrus brightness, and a touch of spice. The interplay of flavors creates a dynamic and nuanced palate.

The finish is long-lasting and satisfying, with the smokiness lingering on the palate. As the mezcal fades, traces of herbal and citrus notes persist, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the depth and authenticity of Oaxacan mezcal craftsmanship.

Distillery Information

'The march of the Dead" from the excellent mezcal producer Leyenda. This mezcal possesses impressive range with gorgeous notes of kiwi fruit, lemon zest, dried green peppercorn, classic agave and gentle smoke.
A mezcal created from wild and the vary rare agave Criollo. Found remotely in the central valleys of Guerrero. At 50% it packs a punch but it's tropical and warm, not smoky or offensive.
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