Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Introducing Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a pinnacle of bourbon craftsmanship that hails from the historic distilling traditions of Louisville, Kentucky. Imbued with a legacy dating back to the Prohibition era, this small-batch bourbon embodies the artistry and dedication of the Peerless Distillery, offering a taste of true Kentucky spirit.

Handcrafted using a meticulous process, Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon begins with a mash bill featuring a precise blend of corn, rye, and malted barley. Distilled in small copper pot stills, the spirit undergoes a patient aging process in charred oak barrels, allowing it to mature into a rich and nuanced expression of bourbon excellence.

The result is a bold and full-bodied bourbon that captivates the senses. Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon boasts a deep amber hue and an enticing aroma of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of spice. On the palate, flavors of dark fruit, toasted oak, and a subtle sweetness unfold, creating a complex and well-balanced profile.

Each bottle of Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a testament to the distillery's commitment to quality, with meticulous attention paid to every detail. With a long, satisfying finish, this bourbon invites enthusiasts to savor the culmination of time-honored traditions and modern innovation.

Ideal for sipping neat or crafting sophisticated cocktails, Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a true connoisseur's choice, delivering an authentic taste of Kentucky's bourbon heritage in every pour. Elevate your whiskey experience with the unparalleled richness and depth of Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon – where tradition meets transcendence.

Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon presents itself with a deep, lustrous amber hue that catches the light. The richness in color hints at the bourbon's extensive aging process in charred oak barrels, promising a full-bodied and mature spirit.

The nose is greeted with an enticing blend of aromas, where notes of vanilla, caramel, and a subtle hint of spice intertwine. The sweet and oaky fragrance sets the stage for a sensory journey, evoking the warmth and depth characteristic of a finely crafted bourbon.

Upon the first sip, Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon envelops the palate with a velvety and full-bodied texture. Flavors of dark fruit, including hints of plum and cherry, intermingle with toasted oak and a well-balanced sweetness. The palate is a harmonious dance of complexity and refinement.

Flavor Profile:
This bourbon showcases a sophisticated flavor profile marked by a perfect interplay of sweet and savory elements. Rich vanilla and caramel undertones are complemented by a subtle spiciness, creating a dynamic and well-rounded experience. The marriage of flavors reflects the meticulous craftsmanship behind Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering warmth on the palate. As the bourbon fades, traces of oak, caramel, and a gentle sweetness persist, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the depth of character achieved through aging and maturation.

Peerless Bourbon Distillery is privately owned by Corky Taylor in partnership with Fetzer Vineyards. What bourbons and whiskeys does Kentucky Peerless produce? Peerless makes Peerless Rye and Peerless Bourbon.
Fifth generation to Peerless founder, Henry Kraver, Carson Taylor was a successful business owner when he chose to follow his passion of reviving a family legacy with father and Peerless owner, Corky Taylor.
Product Details. A bold Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, rich in rye aromas, delivering a unique spice and smooth finish. Distilled, matured & bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky, USA. Made with legendary craftmanship, distilled with unbridled spirit.
The first Peerless whiskey went into barrel in 1889. We've revived the craft in our state-of-the-art distillery. Select Peerless grains are milled, cooked, fermented, double-distilled, and barreled as bourbon and rye under one roof.
Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company offers behind-the-scenes distillery tours in downtown Louisville, Kentucky's Bourbon District. We welcome you to visit for a behind-the-scenes look at how we craft the finest spirits. Our fine Bourbon and Rye Whiskey are created all under one roof, from grain to bottle.
The urban Peerless distillery located in the Bourbon District of downtown Louisville, Kentucky and vast family history are unmatched. After five generations of bourbon makers, we have the patience to make your favorite bourbon.

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