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Introducing Ouzo by Metaxa – a Captivating Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Embark on a sensory odyssey with Ouzo by Metaxa, a liqueur that marries the time-honored Greek tradition of ouzo crafting with the innovative spirit of Metaxa. Immerse yourself in the allure of this distinctive blend, where anise, fennel, and carefully selected herbs converge to create a libation that is as rich in history as it is in flavor.

Key Features:

  1. Metaxa Legacy: Ouzo by Metaxa inherits the legacy of the renowned Metaxa brand, celebrated for its mastery in crafting exceptional spirits. With a heritage dating back to 1888, this ouzo embodies the commitment to quality and excellence that defines the Metaxa name.

  2. Harmonious Flavor Symphony: Revel in a harmonious symphony of flavors as the licorice notes of anise interplay with the herbal nuances of fennel. The meticulous blending of Mediterranean herbs adds layers of complexity, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced profile that captivates the palate.

  3. Craftsmanship Redefined: Ouzo by Metaxa represents a modern take on traditional ouzo crafting. The innovative techniques employed in its production ensure a consistent and refined quality, while staying true to the authenticity and craftsmanship that define Greek spirits.

  4. Versatile Enjoyment: Whether sipped neat, over ice, or as the foundation of inventive cocktails, Ouzo by Metaxa invites you to explore its versatility. Elevate your social gatherings with this versatile spirit, adding a touch of Greek sophistication to every occasion.

  5. Elegant Presentation: Housed in a sleek and sophisticated bottle, Ouzo by Metaxa pays homage to both tradition and contemporary aesthetics. The packaging reflects the brand's commitment to visual appeal, making it a standout addition to any liquor collection.

Indulge in the refined fusion of tradition and innovation with Ouzo by Metaxa – where every drop tells a story of craftsmanship, heritage, and the vibrant spirit of Greece. Elevate your drinking experience with this exceptional ouzo that captures the essence of the Mediterranean in every sip.



Tasting Notes

This liquid masterpiece unveils itself with a mesmerizing clarity, reminiscent of the crystal-clear waters that surround the Greek islands. A gentle louche ensues upon the addition of ice or water, casting a captivating dance within the glass, hinting at the complex flavors that await.

Elevate your senses with the enchanting aroma of Ouzo by Metaxa. The bouquet is an enticing fusion of aromatic anise, offering a warm invitation to the Mediterranean. Subtle herbal undertones complement the dominant licorice notes, creating a sophisticated and alluring olfactory experience.

The first sip reveals a velvety texture that gracefully coats the palate. Anise takes center stage, intertwining with the herbal symphony of fennel. The careful blending of Mediterranean herbs imparts a nuanced complexity, delivering a palate that is both rich and well-balanced. A whisper of sweetness adds an extra layer of refinement.

Flavor Profile:
Ouzo by Metaxa unveils a sophisticated flavor profile where the licorice-forward character is complemented by the herbal elegance of fennel. A harmonious interplay of carefully selected Mediterranean herbs provides depth, offering a multifaceted taste experience. The balance achieved is a testament to the artistry and innovation synonymous with the Metaxa name.

The finish is a lingering encore of the licorice symphony, accompanied by a gentle warmth that persists. As the flavors gracefully taper off, they leave a lasting impression, inviting contemplation and another sip. The overall experience is one of refinement and satisfaction.

Distillery Information

The METAXA distillery was founded in Piraeus (Athens, Greece) in 1888. In the early 1900s, like other distilleries of the time, the METAXA distillery used to produce a wide range of alcoholic drinks. Among them, the most renowned Greek anise-based aperitif: Ouzo.
Ouzo, Greece's national spirit, is a clear colored liqueur made from grape must (unfermented juice remnants pressed from grapes for winemaking) and has a very strong anise taste. Along with anise, ouzo may contain other spices like fennel, cinnamon, or cardamom.Metaxa is made from Muscat wines from Samos and wine distillates, which are aged separately and then combined in Limousin oak casks. Mediterranean botanicals are added as part of the finishing process.
This Greek spirit is perfect as an apertif or after dinner cordial, its anise flavored taste with a hint of licorice, mint and wintergreen lends to its strong, distinctive, cool flavor.
The Metaxa distillery was founded in Piraeus (Athens, Greece) in 1888. In the early 1900s, like other distilleries of the time, the Metaxa distillery used to produce a wide range of alcoholic drinks. Among them, the most renowned Greek anise-based aperitif: Ouzo.