Oak and Eden Wheat & Spire Whiskey

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Introducing Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire—a whiskey expression that exemplifies the artistry of blending and in-bottle finishing. Crafted by Oak & Eden, renowned for their innovative approach to aging, this unique wheat whiskey begins with a foundation of premium grains, specifically chosen for their smooth and delicate profile. The finishing touch comes with the addition of an American Oak spire, suspended within each bottle to impart an extra layer of complexity and character.

The journey of Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire starts with a meticulous blend of wheat, known for its soft and slightly sweet attributes. After traditional aging, the whiskey undergoes a transformative process as an American Oak spire is introduced within the bottle. This in-bottle finishing technique allows the spirit to interact with the spire, creating a distinctive and refined tasting experience.

In the glass, Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire exhibits a golden hue, offering a visual preview of the whiskey's delicate nature. Swirling the glass releases a captivating aroma—hints of honey and vanilla intertwine, creating an inviting bouquet with a touch of oak influence from the spire.

The first sip is a revelation of grace and elegance. The wheat's inherent sweetness takes center stage, offering a smooth and velvety palate. The American Oak spire introduces subtle notes of oak and a hint of spice, providing a nuanced complexity that enhances the overall tasting journey.

The finish is a seamless conclusion—a gentle warmth that lingers, leaving behind echoes of honeyed sweetness and the subtle influence of the spire. Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire is presented in an elegantly crafted bottle, symbolizing the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and flavor innovation.

More than just a wheat whiskey, this expression is an experience. Whether savored neat or as the foundation for a crafted cocktail, Oak & Eden Wheat & Spire invites you to appreciate the artistry of the blend—a celebration of tradition and ingenuity in every sip.

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