Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8

Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8

Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8

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Introducing Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8, an extraordinary expression of Irish whiskey that pays homage to the rich heritage of Midleton Distillery. Crafted with meticulous care and a nod to sustainability, this limited edition release showcases the influence of rare, native Irish oak from the legendary Kylebeg Forest.

A Symphony of Senses: Prepare for an unparalleled sensory journey as Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8 unveils its character. The deep amber hue hints at the whiskey's extensive maturation in bespoke Irish oak casks, setting the stage for a rich and complex experience.

Native Oak Maturation: What sets this expression apart is its unique maturation process. Sourced exclusively from the ancient Kylebeg Forest in Ireland, the native oak casks impart distinctive flavors of toasted wood, vanilla, and a subtle nuttiness. Each sip is a celebration of sustainability and a connection to Ireland's natural beauty.

Robust Flavor Profile: The palate is a dance of flavors, with the sweet and spicy interplay of orchard fruits, honey, and a touch of cinnamon. The wood influence is pronounced, offering a robust and full-bodied character that lingers, leaving a satisfying warmth.

Limited Edition Rarity: With only a select number of bottles available, Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8 stands as a rare and coveted gem for collectors and connoisseurs alike. Each bottle is meticulously numbered, signifying its exclusivity and the craftsmanship that goes into every drop.

Eco-Friendly Elegance: In addition to its exceptional flavor profile, this edition underscores Midleton's commitment to sustainability. The use of native oak reflects a dedication to environmental responsibility, making each sip not only a journey through flavor but also a nod to the preservation of Ireland's natural resources.

An Ode to Tradition: Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8 is more than a whiskey; it's a tribute to the time-honored traditions of Irish distilling. From the careful selection of wood to the expert blending, every aspect reflects a dedication to excellence that has defined Midleton for generations.

Elevate your whiskey experience with Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8 – an embodiment of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the rich tapestry of Irish whiskey heritage.

A captivating amber elixir, the Midleton Very Rare Dair Ghaelach Kylebeg Wood 110.8 reveals its extensive maturation in native Irish oak with a rich and warm color that beckons exploration.

The bouquet is a delightful blend of toasted oak, vanilla, and a subtle earthiness, echoing the influence of the rare Kylebeg Forest. Intricate layers unfold with hints of orchard fruits, ripe apples, and a gentle touch of honey, creating an inviting aroma that prepares the senses for the journey ahead.

Upon the first sip, the whiskey unveils a harmonious dance of flavors. The sweetness of honey and caramel intertwines with the warmth of toasted wood, creating a rich and full-bodied profile. Orchard fruits make a pronounced appearance, complemented by a touch of cinnamon spice that adds depth and complexity to the palate.

The finish is a lingering embrace of warmth and sophistication. Oak tannins impart a subtle dryness, while the sweetness of vanilla and a hint of nuttiness persist. The finale is a testament to the whiskey's careful maturation and the unique influence of native Irish oak, leaving a lasting impression that invites contemplation.

Midleton Very Rare is a premium Irish whiskey, produced by the Irish Distillers subsidiary of Pernod Ricard at the New Midleton Distillery, in the East Cork town of Midleton, from which it gets its name.
A combination of whiskey aged between 12 and 33 years and matured in lightly charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels, the Midleton Very Rare 2022 Vintage Release delights with decadent flavours and a tantalising aroma.Since 1984, every year the Master Distillers at the Midleton distillery in Cork handpick the most exceptional whiskeys available to craft a rare vintage blend produced in very limited quantities. The ultimate expression of art and expertise, Midleton Very Rare has been part of Pernod Ricard since 1988.
The distillery in the quaint town of Midleton, about 20km from Cork City , was founded by the Murphy Brothers in the early 19th Century. The Old Midleton Distillery was in production for 150 years before a new adjacent distillery complex was built in 1975.
Midleton is one of the most modern distilleries in the world and has its production areas linked via fibre-optic networks. The distillery boasts three 75,000 litre pot stills (the largest currently in operation worldwide), and three column stills, which are used in combination to produce different types of whiskey.
Beginning in 1984, the Midleton Very Rare series was created to showcase the whiskies produced at the distillery, which is located in County Cork, Ireland. As the name suggests, these whiskies are the rarest spirits released from the distillery, with releases often totalling no more than 2,500 cases per year.A blend of single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys, personally chosen by Kevin O'Gorman, Midleton's Master Distiller. The spirit was matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks. A vintage release has been available every year since 1984.

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