Mi Campo Blanco Tequila

Mi Campo Blanco Tequila

Mi Campo Blanco Tequila

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Introducing Mi Campo Blanco Tequila – a pristine expression that embodies the essence of Mexico's agave fields. Crafted with care and expertise, this blanco tequila captures the spirit of the highlands, offering a smooth and authentic taste that pays homage to the rich traditions of Jalisco.

In the glass, Mi Campo Blanco Tequila showcases a crystal-clear appearance, a visual tribute to the purity and craftsmanship within. The aroma unfolds with inviting notes of sweet agave, complemented by hints of citrus and a touch of herbal freshness, creating an olfactory journey that transports you to the heart of Jalisco.

Sip and savor the elixir as it graces your palate. Mi Campo Blanco Tequila delivers a clean and vibrant flavor profile, featuring the pronounced essence of blue Weber agave. Subtle notes of citrus and a delicate pepperiness add complexity, resulting in a tequila that is both approachable and rich in character.

Versatile and true to its roots, Mi Campo Blanco is perfect for sipping, allowing you to appreciate the crispness and purity of the tequila. It also serves as an excellent foundation for crafting classic cocktails, bringing the authentic taste of Jalisco to your favorite mixes.

Uncork a bottle of Mi Campo Blanco Tequila and embark on a journey through the highlands of Jalisco. Each sip is an invitation to savor the craftsmanship, authenticity, and vibrant flavors that define this exceptional blanco tequila. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Mexico with every drop of Mi Campo.

Mi Campo Blanco Tequila presents itself with a pristine and crystal-clear appearance in the glass, a visual testament to the purity and quality of the distillation process.

Upon nosing, the tequila invites with a delightful bouquet of sweet agave, creating an inviting aroma that embodies the essence of Mexico's agave fields. Subtle hints of citrus add brightness, while a touch of herbal freshness completes the olfactory experience.

As the elixir graces the palate, Mi Campo Blanco Tequila delivers a clean and vibrant flavor profile. The pronounced essence of blue Weber agave takes center stage, offering a rich and authentic taste. Subtle notes of citrus contribute a refreshing quality, while a delicate pepperiness adds a layer of complexity.

The finish is crisp and refreshing, leaving a lingering impression of the tequila's purity. Mi Campo Blanco Tequila concludes with a subtle warmth, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the highlands of Jalisco captured in every sip.

The tequila is produced at the La Cofradia distillery in the town of Tequila in Jalisco province. The distillery was founded in 1991.The first distillation process takes place in steel distillation columns, during which water is removed and alcohol is concentrated from fermented agave juice. The second distillation takes place in stills to obtain tequila with a range of 55-65% alcohol, depending on the brand.
Tequila (/təˈkiːlə/; Spanish: [teˈkila]) is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila 65 km (40 mi) northwest of Guadalajara, and in the Jaliscan Highlands (Los Altos de Jalisco) of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco.
It starts with the pure blue agave of Jalisco. Fermented among fragrant local citrus trees, then aged in oak wine barrels. We've reinterpreted tradition to create a richer, smoother tequila—rooted in the spirit of modern México.
Mi Campo tequila was introduced to the US market by Constellation Brands in November 2018.Tequila is made from harvested blue agave. Then, it's cooked (we use a water-steaming process) and fermented into alcohol. The liquid is distilled twice to purify the alcohol and make it drinkable. Once this distillation process is finished—that's it—it's officially blanco tequila.

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