Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine

Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine

Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine

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Introducing Meiomi Pinot Noir – an exquisite expression of the artistry and passion that defines the renowned Meiomi Winery. Crafted with precision and care, this exceptional Pinot Noir showcases the unique terroir of coastal California, blending grapes from three distinct regions – Sonoma County, Monterey County, and Santa Barbara County.

With a deep, garnet hue, Meiomi Pinot Noir captivates the eye and sets the stage for a sensory journey. The nose is an intricate tapestry of aromas, featuring ripe berries, dark cherries, and a hint of toasty oak. As the velvety liquid caresses the palate, layers of flavor unfold, revealing luscious blackberry, raspberry, and plum notes. The wine's inherent complexity is complemented by subtle nuances of vanilla and mocha, derived from careful aging in French oak barrels.

Balancing richness with elegance, Meiomi Pinot Noir showcases the grape's delicate nature, offering a harmonious interplay of fruit, acidity, and silky tannins. This well-structured wine culminates in a lingering finish that leaves a lasting impression, making it a perfect companion for a variety of occasions.

Whether you're savoring it on its own or pairing it with a diverse range of dishes, Meiomi Pinot Noir elevates every moment. From intimate gatherings to celebratory occasions, this wine is a testament to Meiomi's commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality and character.

Indulge your senses and elevate your wine experience with Meiomi Pinot Noir – a true embodiment of the coastal influences and masterful craftsmanship that define Meiomi Winery.

A captivating garnet hue, Meiomi Pinot Noir presents itself with a deep and alluring color, reminiscent of the rich, coastal soils from which its grapes are meticulously sourced.

The bouquet unfolds with a symphony of enticing aromas. Ripe red berries take center stage, with luscious notes of dark cherries and a hint of cranberry dancing in the background. Subtle undertones of toasty oak add depth and complexity to the aromatic profile, promising a sensorial journey ahead.

Upon the first sip, Meiomi Pinot Noir reveals its intricate layers of flavor. Velvety smooth, the wine caresses the palate with a fusion of blackberry, raspberry, and plum. The fruit-forward nature is beautifully balanced by a gentle acidity, providing a lively and refreshing character. As the wine evolves on the palate, delicate hints of vanilla and mocha emerge, a testament to its careful aging in French oak barrels.

The finish is a lingering encore, leaving a lasting impression. Meiomi Pinot Noir's well-structured nature shines through, with silky tannins seamlessly intertwining with the fruit-forward core. The wine concludes with an elegant and satisfying finish, inviting you to savor the memory of its complex flavors.

Meiomi produces a small collection of wines, sourced from multiple AVAs (American Viticultural Area) throughout California, in particular Sonoma County, Monterey County and Santa Barbara County. The name Meiomi means "coast" in the language of the Wappo and Yuki peoples indigenous to the region.
Pinot noir is grown around the world, mostly in cooler climates, and the variety is chiefly associated with the Burgundy region of France. Pinot noir is now used to make red wines around the world, as well as champagne, sparkling white wines such as the Italian Franciacorta, and English sparkling wines.
Origin: Monterey, Sonoma, and Santa Barbara Counties, California. 750 ml. 13.7% ABV.
The name of the brand means "coastal" in Wappo, which is the language spoken by the Wappo tribe of indigenous people of Northern California. The idea behind Meiomi comes from a single-vineyard label of Pinot Noir wine, which was named after Wagner's grandmother Lorna Belle Glos.
Pinot Noir is a black wine grape variety of the species Vitis vinifera that hails from France. It's one of France's oldest grapes, cultivated more than a century ago by the Cistercian monks in Burgundy.

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