Mckenzie Rye Whiskey

Mckenzie Rye Whiskey

Mckenzie Rye Whiskey

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Embrace the Refined Flavors of Mckenzie Rye Whiskey

Mckenzie Rye Whiskey embodies the spirit of Finger Lakes craftsmanship, delivering a distinct and sophisticated expression of rye whiskey. Meticulously distilled and aged with care, this exceptional spirit showcases the bold character of rye alongside the unique terroir of the Finger Lakes region, resulting in a whiskey that captivates the senses.

Craftsmanship: Distilled at Finger Lakes Distilling, Mckenzie Rye Whiskey is a testament to the distillery's commitment to quality and tradition. Crafted from a mash bill of locally sourced rye and corn, the whiskey undergoes careful maturation in charred American oak barrels. The result is a finely balanced rye whiskey that captures the essence of the Finger Lakes.

Local Terroir: The Finger Lakes region's pristine water sources and unique climate contribute to the exceptional qualities of Mckenzie Rye Whiskey. Limestone-filtered water and the region's distinct terroir lend a distinctive character to the whiskey, making each sip a journey through the natural beauty of upstate New York.

Versatility in Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for classic cocktails, Mckenzie Rye Whiskey invites versatile and refined enjoyment. Its robust flavor profile and well-rounded character make it a favorite among both seasoned rye enthusiasts and those exploring the world of American whiskey.

Elevate your whiskey experience with Mckenzie Rye Whiskey – a celebration of Finger Lakes heritage and the bold character of rye. Each bottle reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and regional charm that define this exceptional rye whiskey. Toast to the artistry of Finger Lakes distilling with every sip of Mckenzie Rye Whiskey.

Mckenzie Rye Whiskey presents itself with a rich and amber hue in the glass, offering a visual promise of the depth and complexity within. Its clarity suggests a whiskey that has matured with precision.

Upon the first nosing, the aroma is bold and inviting, revealing the distinctive character of rye. Robust notes of black pepper and cinnamon dominate, creating an immediate impression of spice. Subtle hints of caramel and dried fruit emerge, adding a layer of complexity to the nose.

The palate experience is a celebration of rye's bold and expressive nature. A symphony of spice unfolds, with black pepper and cinnamon leading the way. The sweetness of caramel and toffee interplays with the rye, offering a well-balanced and full-bodied taste. The mouthfeel is smooth, showcasing the careful craftsmanship that defines Mckenzie Rye Whiskey.

Mckenzie Rye Whiskey concludes with a warming and enduring finish. The spiciness lingers, creating a satisfying and lingering impression on the palate. As the flavors gradually subside, a subtle sweetness remains, providing a harmonious conclusion to the tasting journey. The finish is a testament to the whiskey's robust character and the quality of its maturation.

McKenzie Rye Whiskey is made from local rye grain and is distilled using old-time techniques. We age this whiskey in new charred oak casks and finish in sherry barrels from local wineries.
In the United States, rye whiskey is, by law, made from a mash of at least 51 percent rye. (The other ingredients in the mash are usually corn and malted barley.) It is distilled to no more than 160 U.S. proof (80% abv) and aged in charred, new oak barrels.
Rye production soon took off in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Monongahela, Pennsylvania became one of the main locations for Rye Whiskey production, including the Joseph Sinnet Distillery, that eventually grew to have locations in Boston, Georgia and Louisiana.Rye is naturally spicier than other grains such as corn and wheat, resulting in a spicy kick to the whiskey, often described as having a black pepper or clove-like taste. Some of the earliest rye whiskeys in America were created from a mash of 100% rye. This whiskey was extremely spicy and dry.No longer the stuff of rebellions, there are still several US laws that create guidelines for what can and cannot be labelled as 'rye whiskey'. A rye whiskey's 'mash bill' (grain composition) must be 51% rye. Rye whiskeys are typically made from 51% rye, as well as other grains, usually wheat, corn and barley.'Those beta glucans are the problem of distilling rye. The proteins thicken the mash and give it a slimy consistency. These properties make it more difficult to mash in rye. We cannot mash in as much grain per 10,000 liter mash as we would if we distill from corn or wheat.Rye's mash bill must, by law, consist of at least 51% rye. Most rye whiskeys use malted barley or corn as the other grains. As with bourbon, ground grain is mixed with water and a bit of mash from a previous distillation, in what's known as a sour-mash process. This introduces yeasts from the previous distillation.

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