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Introducing Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour – the essential mixer that perfectly balances sweetness with tangy citrus for a versatile and flavorful addition to your cocktail creations. Crafted with precision, this ready-to-use mixer takes the guesswork out of achieving the ideal sweet and sour profile, ensuring a consistent and delicious taste experience.

Ideal for both aspiring mixologists and seasoned bartenders, Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour offers a hassle-free solution for enhancing a variety of cocktails. Whether you're crafting classic sours, margaritas, or any cocktail that demands the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, this mixer is your go-to companion.

The 1L bottle provides an ample supply, making it a must-have addition to your home bar essentials. Elevate your mixology game effortlessly with Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour – the quintessential mixer that transforms ordinary cocktails into extraordinary and perfectly balanced libations.

Unlock the full potential of your cocktail creations with Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour – a time-saving and delicious addition that ensures every sip is a harmonious blend of sweetness and citrusy brightness. Cheers to crafting impeccable cocktails at home.

Tasting Notes

Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour pours into the glass with a crystal-clear and inviting liquid, setting the stage for a balanced and flavorful cocktail experience.

Upon opening the bottle, a burst of citrusy aroma fills the air. The fragrance is lively and tangy, promising a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness in every sip.

The first sip reveals a flawless harmony of flavors – the sweetness is well-balanced by the tangy brightness of citrus. Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour ensures a smooth and velvety texture, offering a delightful and refreshing drinking experience.

Flavor Profile:
Crafted with precision, this mixer embodies the classic sweet and sour taste. The citrusy notes complement the subtle sweetness, creating a flavor profile that is both versatile and delicious.

Master of Mixes Sweet and Sour is designed for ease of use, making it a versatile addition to your cocktail repertoire. Whether crafting classic sours, margaritas, or any cocktail that demands the perfect sweet and sour balance, this mixer elevates your creations effortlessly.

The finish is clean, leaving a lingering impression of citrusy brightness on the palate. The absence of artificial aftertastes ensures that the natural flavors shine through, providing a satisfying conclusion to each sip.

Distillery Information

Sour mix (also known as sweet and sour mix) is a mixer that is yellow-green in color and is used in many cocktails. It is made from approximately equal parts lemon and/or lime juice and simple syrup and shaken vigorously with ice. This produces a pearly-white liquid with a pronounced flavor.
Sour mix is a combination of sugar, water, lemons, and limes. One homemade batch can give you a whole party's worth of margaritas, whiskey sours, or daiquiris without much effort. A bottle of sour mix may call you from the store shelf with a siren song of good times and an easy-pour spout.
Sour mix should be stored in an airtight container and stored properly in the refrigerator. With this in mind, the shelf life is up to two to three weeks if stored and handled properly.Even though this is a sweet, citrusy multi-liquor cocktail recipe, it's so bold and boozy that everyone could end up with a headache the next morning as it's considered one of the strongest cocktail ever made – about 22% alcohol.
Even sour and Brettanomyces beers have their limits. With test bottles we have produced over the years, we are comfortable suggesting that our bottles can be cellared for up to 3 years. After that time period, the beers may still taste pretty good, but will most likely be on the decline.
It is said that this sauce evolved from the Cantonese culinary tradition, emigrating to the United States in the late 1800s and evolving into what we know today. However, China is a massive country with a long history and huge variety of food cultures; each province has its own sweet and sour cooking traditions.