Marti Plata Rum

Marti Plata Rum

Marti Plata Rum

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Introducing Marti Plata Rum – A Crisp Symphony of Caribbean Elegance

Uncover the epitome of Caribbean craftsmanship with Marti Plata Rum, an exquisite expression that embodies the vibrant spirit and pristine beauty of the islands. Meticulously distilled with precision and finesse, this silver rum offers a refreshing journey of flavors, capturing the essence of tropical breezes and sun-soaked landscapes in every delightful sip.

Craftsmanship: Crafted with the utmost dedication to tradition, Marti Plata Rum is born from the finest sugarcane and distilled to perfection. The careful distillation process ensures a purity that allows the natural flavors to take center stage. This silver rum is a testament to the craftsmanship of the Caribbean's finest distillers, capturing the essence of the region's terroir.

Versatility: Whether enjoyed in classic cocktails or as the base for your own mixology creations, Marti Plata Rum lends itself to a myriad of drinking experiences. Its versatility makes it the perfect companion for lively gatherings, beachside celebrations, or quiet moments of relaxation. This silver rum effortlessly elevates any occasion with its crisp and invigorating profile.

Experience the purity of the Caribbean with Marti Plata Rum – a silver symphony that encapsulates the essence of the islands. Indulge in the clean, refreshing taste of this premium rum, celebrating the artistry of Caribbean distillation. Cheers to the vibrant spirit of Marti Plata Rum in every sip.

Marti Plata Rum presents itself in the glass with crystal-clear brilliance, embodying the pristine purity of Caribbean craftsmanship. Its silvery transparency alludes to the crisp and refreshing character that awaits the discerning palate.

Upon the first swirl, the nose is greeted with a burst of lively citrus aromas, reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons and zesty lime. The aroma is clean and invigorating, setting the stage for the bright and crisp tasting experience that follows.

Marti Plata Rum delights the palate with a refreshing array of flavors. The initial sip reveals a harmonious blend of sugarcane sweetness and the bright acidity of citrus fruits. Subtle notes of tropical fruits add depth to the profile, creating a well-balanced and approachable silver rum. The palate experience is clean, allowing the natural flavors to shine without any overpowering elements.

The finish is crisp and invigorating, leaving a refreshing sensation on the palate. The citrus notes linger, providing a clean and satisfying conclusion to the tasting journey. Marti Plata Rum's smooth and refreshing finish makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the purity of a well-crafted silver rum.

Martí rums are made by legendary distiller of custom quality rums, Ingenio Las Cabras, Republica de Panama.
As with all other aspects of rum production, no standard method is used for distillation. While some producers work in batches using pot stills, most rum production is done using column still distillation. Pot still output contains more congeners than the output from column stills, so produces fuller-tasting rums.
The rum is distilled twice in simple pot stills, producing a distillate of clear colour that turns to a golden hue as the distillate takes up substances from the oak of the wooden puncheons used for storage during the aging period. Colour is deepened by the addition of caramel after aging.“Rum” is distilled spirits that is distilled from the fermented juice of sugar cane, sugar cane syrup, sugar cane molasses, or other sugar cane by-products at less than 95 percent alcohol by volume (190° proof) having the taste, aroma, and characteristics generally attributed to rum, and bottled at not less than 40 ...
Rum is a spirit made from sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. The sugarcane is fermented and then distilled. After distillation, the liquid will be clear and typically aged using bourbon casks, wooden casks or stainless steel tanks. The vessel of distillation plays a key role in what type of rum will result.
Typically made from molasses, Cuban distilleries make Spanish-style rum dry and aged for at least two years in oak barrels before being charcoal filtered for its clear color. The result is a light rum perfect for daiquiris.

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