Madre Mezcal Tequila

Madre Mezcal Tequila

Madre Mezcal Tequila

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Madre Mezcal is a premium artisanal spirit that embodies the rich tradition of mezcal craftsmanship. Distilled with meticulous care, this exceptional spirit offers a sensory journey that begins with the distinct aroma of roasted agave, followed by subtle smoky notes and hints of earthy minerals. The agave used in Madre Mezcal is harvested at peak maturity, contributing to its full-bodied flavor profile.

With a commitment to authenticity, Madre Mezcal is crafted using traditional methods passed down through generations. The agave hearts, or "piñas," are slow-roasted in earthen pits, allowing the flavors to develop and deepen. The result is a mezcal that strikes a harmonious balance between the raw essence of the agave plant and the skilled artistry of the master distillers.

Upon tasting, Madre Mezcal reveals a complex interplay of sweet and savory notes, complemented by a subtle spiciness. The finish is smooth, leaving a lingering warmth that enhances the overall sipping experience. Each bottle of Madre Mezcal is a testament to the dedication of the mezcaleros involved in its creation and a celebration of the diverse terroir from which it originates.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a key ingredient in craft cocktails, Madre Mezcal invites enthusiasts to savor the soulful character and depth that only a truly handcrafted mezcal can deliver.

Madre Mezcal is a certified artisanal mezcal from Mexico.
It has a crisp and clean taste, with floral and citrus notes on the nose. On the palate, it has smooth, smoky flavors of roasted agave, with hints of vanilla and tropical fruit. The finish is long and satisfying, with a touch of spice and a hint of sea salt.

Madre Mezcal is an artisanal mezcal produced by the Garcia Morales family at the Garcia Morales Ranch in Oaxaca, Mexico. The family has been supplying mezcal to local communities for generations and partnered with Madre in 2016 to bring their product to the world.
The family uses traditional Zapotec methods to create the mezcal, planting and harvesting agave. The agaves are roasted in the earth and fermented with local well-water and wild yeast found in the mountain air. The mezcal is made with a combination of Espadín and Cuishe agave, cooked over hot stone in earthen pits, and crushed with a stone tahona wheel.
Madre Mezcal has a hint of smoke, with a sweet fragrance. Herbal notes of sage, earth, and minerals appear on the tongue, with a lingering floral finish.

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