Luc Belaire Gold Brut

Luc Belaire Gold Brut

Luc Belaire Gold Brut

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Luc Belaire Gold Brut presents itself as a sparkling wine of extraordinary elegance and finesse. Dressed in a radiant golden robe, it captivates with its luxurious appearance. The effervescence reveals a dance of fine and persistent bubbles, adding an element of glamour to the experience.

On the nose, this exquisite Brut unveils a bouquet of crisp green apples, citrus zest, and delicate white flowers, creating an enticing olfactory symphony. The palate is treated to a harmonious blend of refreshing acidity and subtle sweetness, with notes of pear and apricot dancing across the taste buds. The fine mousse enhances the overall texture, delivering a velvety and smooth mouthfeel.

Crafted with precision, Luc Belaire Gold Brut embodies a celebration of life's most special moments. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with delectable cuisine, this sparkling wine is a symbol of sophistication, making every sip a toast to elegance and style.

Nose: A tropical aroma of mango
Palate: Bright, tropical notes of fresh mango, Chardonnay grapes, and the slight refreshing minerality of limestone
Finish: Dry and light

Luc Belaire Gold Brut is a sparkling wine produced in Burgundy, France from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. It is a nonvintage blend with an ABV of 12.5%.
Luc Belaire Gold Brut is described as balanced and elegant, with aromas of stone fruits, ripe pear, and brioche. It has a light, dry finish and is versatile enough to pair with almost any dish.

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