Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadin Mezcal  Tequila

Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadin Mezcal Tequila

Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadin Mezcal Tequila

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Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadín Mezcal is a carefully crafted artisanal spirit that captures the essence of traditional mezcal-making techniques. This mezcal is meticulously produced using 100% agave espadín, cultivated by local farmers in the rugged terrains of Mexico. The result is a mezcal with a rich and complex profile.

In appearance, Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadín Mezcal exhibits a crystal-clear transparency, inviting you to explore its depth. The aroma is an intricate dance of smoky agave notes, earthy undertones, and a hint of herbal freshness. As you take the first sip, the mezcal unfolds on the palate, revealing layers of roasted agave, subtle peppery spice, and a touch of citrus brightness.

The production of Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadín Mezcal involves traditional methods passed down through generations. The agave hearts are roasted in earthen pits, imparting a distinct smokiness to the spirit. The fermentation and distillation process further refines the flavors, resulting in a mezcal that strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

This mezcal is not just a drink; it's a journey into the heart of mezcal culture. Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadín Mezcal is a testament to the dedication of the local community and their commitment to preserving the authenticity of this time-honored spirit. Savor the craftsmanship, embrace the flavors, and immerse yourself in the story of Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadín Mezcal.

Nose: Starts closed with a faint hint of alcohol
Palate: Very powerful
Finish: Very long with a lingering smoke character and the flavor of salty cheese like Oaxacan quesillo
Taste: Earthy, briny, with the added tang of menthol and grilled and charred peaches
Palate: Bold spicy, zippy citrus peel and roasted peppers on the palate moving toward a smoky grassy finish

Los Vecinos del Campo Espadin Mezcal is a brand of mezcal produced in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The brand is a partnership between Sazerac and Casa San Matias. The mezcal is produced in small batches by ten master mezcaleros who use traditional methods passed down by their ancestors.
The mezcal is double distilled and bottled at 90 proof.
The mezcal is made from locally grown and harvested agave Espadin. The agave piñas are roasted underground for days to achieve the mezcal's smoky sweetness. The distillery is owned by ten growers who farm individual plots around the village.

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