Lambay Small Batch Irish Whisky

Lambay Small Batch Irish Whisky

Lambay Small Batch Irish Whisky

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Lambay Small Batch Irish Whiskey is a meticulously crafted spirit that exemplifies the rich heritage and quality associated with Irish whiskey. This small-batch expression is a testament to the art of blending and the influence of the unique Lambay Island terroir.

Crafted with a blend of triple-distilled malt and grain whiskies, Lambay Small Batch offers a harmonious marriage of flavors. The whiskey undergoes a maturation process in bourbon barrels, contributing to its smooth and well-rounded character. The use of carefully selected casks enhances the depth of flavor and complexity, making each sip a delightful experience.

What sets Lambay Small Batch apart is its distinct finishing touch. The whiskey is uniquely crafted with a finishing period in French oak cognac casks from the renowned cellars of Camus, adding an extra layer of sophistication and depth. This innovative approach brings forth nuanced notes of fruit, floral, and spice, elevating the overall profile of the whiskey.

On the nose, Lambay Small Batch presents a delightful bouquet of tropical fruits, vanilla, and a subtle hint of floral undertones. The palate is a journey of flavors, with a balance of sweet maltiness, gentle spices, and a touch of oak. The finish is smooth and lingering, leaving behind a warmth that invites you to savor the moment.

Lambay Small Batch Irish Whiskey captures the essence of the Lambay Island's maritime influence and the dedication to craftsmanship. It stands as a testament to the artistry and innovation within the world of Irish whiskey, making it a fine choice for enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded and distinctive dram.

Nose: Porridge with honey and cinnamon, a soft hint of torn orange peel
Palate: Peppery barley and creamy vanilla, mixed with notes of strawberry and peach
Finish: Lingering cassia and chamomile

Lambay Irish Whiskey Company sources distillates from independently certified Irish whiskey distilleries, and then blends and bottles them. The company does not have a distillery on the island, but it does have a bonded warehouse that is not open to the public.
Lambay Small Batch Whiskey is a premium Irish whiskey that is distilled on Lambay Island, which is off the coast of Dublin. It is a blend of triple distilled malt and grain whiskey that is matured in bourbon barrels and finished in French-oak, cognac casks. The whiskey is aged primarily in ex-bourbon casks, and finished in ex-cognac at a warehouse on Lambay Island.
A small batch whiskey is made up of a select number of barrels that are mixed together to create a desired taste. Small batch whiskey can be made up of somewhere between 10-50 barrels.

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