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Introducing Koval Four Grain Whiskey, a true artisanal gem from the renowned Koval Distillery. Meticulously crafted in small batches, this whiskey redefines the boundaries of flavor complexity with a unique blend of four grains, offering a sensory journey that captivates the palate.

Small Batch Excellence: Koval Four Grain Whiskey embodies the essence of small-batch craftsmanship. Distilled in Chicago, each bottle reflects the dedication and hands-on approach of Koval's master distillers, ensuring a level of quality and attention to detail that distinguishes it as an exceptional whiskey.

Quartet of Grains: What sets Koval Four Grain apart is its distinctive blend of corn, malted barley, rye, and wheat. This quartet of grains creates a complex and layered flavor profile that unfolds on the palate. The carefully selected grains contribute individual characteristics, resulting in a harmonious symphony of taste.

Rich and Nuanced Flavors: Prepare your palate for a rich and nuanced experience. Koval Four Grain Whiskey presents a palate that is both bold and sophisticated. Notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of spice intermingle with the grainy sweetness, creating a well-balanced and flavorful whiskey that evolves with each sip.

Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for craft cocktails, Koval Four Grain Whiskey is a versatile companion for the discerning whiskey enthusiast. Its robust character lends itself to various tasting experiences, making it suitable for both contemplative sipping and adventurous mixology.

Distinctive Bottle Design: Presented in Koval Distillery's signature modern bottle, Koval Four Grain Whiskey is not only a testament to quality craftsmanship but also a visual delight. The sleek design reflects the contemporary spirit within, making it a stylish addition to any home bar or a thoughtful gift for whiskey connoisseurs.

A Symphony of Grains: Koval Four Grain Whiskey is more than just a drink; it's a symphony of grains orchestrated to perfection. Embrace the complexity, savor the richness, and experience the artistry of Koval Distillery with every sip. Elevate your whiskey appreciation and indulge in the unmatched character of Four Grain Whiskey.



Tasting Notes

In the glass, Koval Four Grain Whiskey exhibits a rich amber hue, hinting at the depth and complexity that awaits. Its visual allure sets the stage for a sensory journey of exceptional taste.

Upon nosing, the aroma is a captivating blend of caramel sweetness, vanilla, and a subtle hint of toasted grains. The inviting bouquet creates an immediate connection to the quartet of grains, offering a preview of the rich and nuanced flavors that define this whiskey.

The first sip unveils a palate that is both bold and sophisticated. Caramel and vanilla notes take center stage, intertwined with the sweetness of corn and the warmth of rye spice. The quartet of grains harmonizes seamlessly, creating a robust and well-balanced flavor profile that evolves with each successive taste.

The mouthfeel is velvety and smooth, a testament to the artistry of small-batch distillation. Each sip coats the palate with a luxurious texture, allowing the flavors to linger and develop, inviting contemplation and appreciation for the whiskey's complexity.

Koval Four Grain Whiskey leaves a lasting impression with a long and satisfying finish. The caramel sweetness persists, accompanied by a subtle warmth from the rye. The finish is both comforting and intriguing, beckoning for another sip to explore the layers of flavor once more.

Distillery Information

Established in 2008, Koval produces organic whiskey, liqueurs and specialty spirits in Chicago's first distillery since the mid-1800s. Founders Robert and Sonat Birnecker chose to leave their academic careers to bring the distilling traditions of Robert's Austrian family to America.
Founded in 2008 by husband-and-wife team, Dr. Robert Birnecker and Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart, KOVAL began as the first distillery to open in Chicago since the mid-1800s. Prior to starting the distillery, Sonat and Robert had established careers in government and academia,but chose to forge a new path together.
Established in 2008, KOVAL produces organic whiskey, liqueurs and specialty spirits in Chicago's first distillery since the mid-1800s.
Easily confused with a brewery, a distillery is different in that a distillery makes hard alcohol such as vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, etc., whereas a brewery solely brews delicious beer.Distillation is the process of separating alcohol from water via evaporation and condensation. The base alcohol is heated, and certain parts of it are captured. This process purifies and concentrates the remaining alcohol, which will ultimately be the final spirit produced. Distillation is done in stills.Once the initial 'heads' have been discarded the distiller will start collecting the 'heart', the spirit which will end up being bottled as gin. The oils from some botanicals will vaporise before that of others so the flavour of the distillate will change with citrus tending to come off first.