Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva Dominican Rum

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Introducing Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva Dominican Rum, a pinnacle of Caribbean craftsmanship that exemplifies the artistry of time, patience, and meticulous aging. Aged for nearly two decades in American oak barrels, this Gran Reserva expression is a testament to the rich heritage of the Dominican Republic and the exceptional quality synonymous with the Kirk & Sweeney name.

Aging Process: Matured for an impressive eighteen years in American oak barrels, this Gran Reserva undergoes an extended period of refinement. The tropical climate of the Dominican Republic plays a crucial role in the aging process, allowing the rum to absorb the nuances of the wood, resulting in a spirit that embodies the epitome of time-honored craftsmanship.

Depth of Complexity: The extended aging imparts a profound depth of complexity to Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva. Layers of flavors unfold with each sip, showcasing the interplay of oak, spice, and the sweet richness derived from the molasses. This rum is a connoisseur's delight, inviting exploration and appreciation of its intricate nuances.

Versatility in Enjoyment: Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva is a spirit to be savored on its own or with minimal accompaniment. Its opulent character and nuanced flavors make it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium sipping experience. Pour it neat or over a single ice cube to fully appreciate the intricacies of this extraordinary Gran Reserva.

Bottle Design: Reflecting the sophistication within, the bottle design is a masterpiece in itself. The elegant and robust packaging pays homage to the Prohibition era, featuring a broad base and a slender neck reminiscent of the vessels used by smugglers during that time.

Elevate Your Spirits: Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva Dominican Rum is not just a spirit; it's an invitation to elevate your spirits. Immerse yourself in the culmination of eighteen years of maturation, where time and craftsmanship converge to create a rum that is truly exceptional. Embrace the indulgence, complexity, and sophistication that define Kirk & Sweeney Gran Reserva – a celebration of the extraordinary.



Tasting Notes

Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva commands attention with its deep, mahogany hue, showcasing the result of nearly two decades of patient aging in American oak barrels.

The aroma is a symphony of decadence, opening with rich toffee and velvety caramel notes that intertwine effortlessly. Hints of dark chocolate emerge, contributing to an opulent and inviting bouquet.

The initial sip is a journey into indulgence. Luxurious molasses takes center stage, enveloping the palate with a velvety sweetness. Oak undertones add a layer of complexity, while a subtle whisper of tropical fruit introduces a nuanced and exotic element to the flavor profile.

As the tasting experience evolves, the mid-palate unveils the full depth of complexity. Spice notes, reminiscent of cinnamon and nutmeg, intermingle with the rich molasses, creating a harmonious and intricately layered palate. The extended aging becomes evident, contributing to the rum's mature and refined character.

Kirk & Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva leaves a lasting impression with a finish that is enduring and satisfying. The flavors linger on the palate, offering a graceful and profound conclusion. The oak influence persists, providing a gentle reminder of the rum's lengthy maturation.

Distillery Information

Kirk and Sweeney 18 Year Gran Reserva Dominican Rum is produced at the Bermudez distillery in the Dominican Republic and bottled by 3 Badge Mixology. The rum is distilled at the 35 Maple Street Spirits distillery.
Kirk and Sweeney rum is made from high-quality sugarcane that is processed for fermentation and distillation. The rum is aged for 18 years in American oak casks.
Kirk and Sweeney was a wooden schooner that smuggled rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast during the early years of Prohibition.