Kavalan Whiskey Ex  Bourbon Oak

Kavalan Whiskey Ex Bourbon Oak

Kavalan Whiskey Ex Bourbon Oak

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Kavalan Whiskey Ex-Bourbon Oak is a distinguished and carefully crafted expression that showcases the renowned Taiwanese distillery's commitment to excellence. This particular variant has been matured in former bourbon barrels, imparting a unique and exquisite character to the whiskey.

Pouring a captivating amber hue, the whiskey immediately captures the eye. On the nose, it unveils a delightful medley of aromas. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey intertwine with subtle hints of tropical fruits, creating a tantalizing olfactory experience. The influence of the ex-bourbon oak is evident in the sweet and inviting bouquet.

Upon the first sip, the palate is treated to a symphony of flavors. Rich and velvety, the whiskey delivers a robust foundation of caramel and toffee, complemented by the warmth of vanilla and a touch of oak spice. The tropical fruit undertones persist, adding a layer of complexity that evolves with each moment.

The mouthfeel is luxurious and well-rounded, thanks to the meticulous aging process in the American oak barrels. The whiskey's interaction with the wood has bestowed it with a smooth and creamy texture, creating a satisfying drinking experience.

The finish is long-lasting and memorable. As the flavors gradually fade, there's a lingering sweetness alongside a gentle oakiness, leaving a lasting impression on the palate. Kavalan Whiskey Ex-Bourbon Oak stands as a testament to the distillery's dedication to producing whiskies of exceptional quality and distinctive character. It's a journey of flavors that reflects the artistry and expertise behind the creation of this outstanding Taiwanese whiskey.

Bright gold color. Aromas and flavors of candied lime, mango, citrus blossoms and white chocolate toffee with a round, vibrant, fruity, medium-full body. Finish is intricate and long with pineapple-mango, apricot, latte and spice notes.

Kavalan Distillery is a Taiwanese whisky distillery that produces the Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak Single Malt Whisky. The distillery is located in Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan and is owned by the King Car Group.
The distillery was established in 2005 and is the only family-owned whiskey distillery in Taiwan. The distillery is named after the indigenous Kavalan people who originally inhabited the Kabalan Plain of modern-day Yilan County.
The distillery uses Scottish style copper pot stills and Holstein stills. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks to protect it from the sub-tropical climate of Taiwan.
Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak Whisky is aged in American oak barrels that were previously used for bourbon. The whisky is known for its unique tropical aging process and has a sweet and creamy profile.
Some say the whisky is incredibly smooth with a soft sweetness, losing the harshness and the alcohol edge. It is clean and fresh tropical fruitiness with pleasant vanilla, coconut and spices.

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