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Embrace the invigorating essence of Kai Lemongrass Vodka, a harmonious blend of citrus zest and aromatic lemongrass. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this premium vodka captures the vibrant flavors of lemongrass, delivering a taste experience that is both refreshing and distinctive.

Lemongrass Infusion: Kai Lemongrass Vodka is infused with the vibrant essence of lemongrass, a staple ingredient in Asian cuisine known for its citrusy and herbal notes. The infusion process ensures that every sip is infused with the refreshing aromatics of lemongrass, creating a taste profile that is as invigorating as it is delightful.

Crafted with Precision: Made with the finest ingredients and traditional distillation techniques, Kai Lemongrass Vodka is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Each batch undergoes a meticulous process to ensure exceptional purity and clarity, resulting in a vodka that is smooth, clean, and of unparalleled quality.

Versatile and Vibrant: Whether enjoyed on its own, over ice, or mixed into creative cocktails, Kai Lemongrass Vodka adds a burst of citrusy freshness to any drink. Its versatile flavor profile makes it the perfect choice for crafting refreshing summer cocktails or adding a unique twist to classic favorites.

A Taste of Exotic Sophistication: Indulge in the exotic sophistication of Kai Lemongrass Vodka and experience the vibrant flavors of lemongrass in every sip. Whether sipped alone or shared with friends, it promises a taste experience that is as invigorating as it is memorable. Raise a glass to sophistication, elegance, and the irresistible allure of Kai Lemongrass Vodka.




Tasting Notes

Appearance: Kai Lemongrass Vodka presents a crystal-clear appearance, inviting anticipation of its refreshing flavor profile.

Aroma: Upon nosing, the vibrant aroma of lemongrass fills the air, accompanied by hints of citrus zest. The aroma is invigorating and uplifting, evoking images of sun-drenched landscapes and exotic gardens.

Palate: The initial sip reveals a burst of citrusy freshness, with flavors of lemongrass taking center stage. The vodka's smooth texture coats the palate, allowing the vibrant flavors to unfold gracefully. There's a subtle sweetness that lingers, adding depth and complexity to the taste experience.

Finish: Kai Lemongrass Vodka leaves a refreshing and satisfying finish, with the flavors lingering gently on the palate. There's a lingering zestiness that invigorates the senses, leaving a lasting impression of tropical sophistication.

Distillery Information

Founded by industry veteran Marcus Bender, Kai Vodka and Shochu are distilled in Vietnam using locally grown rice. A flavor synonymous with Asia, crisp and light with a bouquet of lemon and herb. Location & Distillation Info: Location: Vietnam.
Vodka is composed mainly of water and ethanol but sometimes with traces of impurities and flavourings. Traditionally, it is made by distilling liquid from fermented cereal grains, and potatoes since introduced in Europe in the 1700s. Some modern brands use corn, sugar cane, fruits, honey, and maple sap as the base.
This is particularly important for vodka, because it is the only spirit that is solely defined by it's alcohol by volume (ABV). The spirit must reach a minimum 95% ABV to be legally defined as vodka.
Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage (38% + ABV) made from grains or vegetables (or any other raw carbohydrates like potatoes, sugar beet, and corn for that matter). Vodka is one of those spirits in which the delicate flavor of the base ingredient used may or may not be tasted in the final product.