John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Introducing John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, an exceptional expression that epitomizes the legacy and craftsmanship of the legendary Fitzgerald family. Meticulously distilled and bottled at barrel proof, this small-batch bourbon delivers an unapologetically bold and rich tasting experience.

Crafted from a selection of the finest handpicked barrels, Larceny Barrel Proof is a true testament to the artistry of bourbon-making. Its deep amber hue sets the stage for the complexity within. On the nose, discover a symphony of aromas – from caramel and honey to hints of toasted oak and a subtle spice that piques the senses.

The palate is a revelation of robust flavors, with waves of sweet vanilla, toffee, and butterscotch seamlessly mingling with the warmth of high-proof bourbon. The full-bodied character is complemented by a touch of dark chocolate, creating a luxurious and indulgent tasting experience for bourbon enthusiasts.

What sets Larceny Barrel Proof apart is its unfiltered authenticity, allowing the drinker to experience the whiskey as it was intended – undiluted and straight from the barrel. This results in a lingering, full-bodied finish that leaves a lasting impression of charred oak and a gentle reminder of its barrel-strength prowess.

Packaged in a distinctive bottle adorned with the iconic skeleton key emblem, each pour of John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is an invitation to unlock a world of unparalleled flavor and heritage. Elevate your bourbon collection with this masterfully crafted expression that pays homage to the uncompromising spirit of the Fitzgerald legacy.



Tasting Notes

In the glass, this bourbon exhibits a rich and deep amber hue, offering a visual promise of the bold flavors to come. Swirling the whiskey reveals thick legs, indicative of its barrel strength.

The aroma is a symphony of inviting scents. Notes of caramel and honey dominate the forefront, followed by a nuanced layer of vanilla and toffee. Undertones of charred oak provide a robust foundation, while a subtle spice dances in the background, inviting anticipation.

Upon the first sip, the full-bodied nature of Larceny Barrel Proof becomes apparent. Rich flavors of sweet butterscotch and creamy toffee coat the palate, delivering an initial burst of sweetness. The high proof makes its presence known, intensifying the experience without overwhelming the nuanced complexity.

As the bourbon develops, a delightful interplay of flavors unfolds. Dark chocolate notes emerge, adding depth and sophistication to the profile. The warmth of toasted oak and a hint of dried fruits contribute to the overall complexity, creating a well-rounded and satisfying mid-palate experience.

The finish is a lingering crescendo of flavor. Charred oak remains prominent, accompanied by a subtle spiciness that provides a pleasant warmth. The extended finish is a testament to the barrel-proof strength, leaving a lasting impression of the bold and intricate character of John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Barrel Proof.

Distillery Information

Larceny is the heir to the wheated Bourbons that make up the historic Old Fitzgerald franchise that Heaven Hill acquired in 1999. In fact, it is the somewhat controversial history of John E. Fitzgerald and his eponymous Bourbon brand that provides the story, and name, to Larceny Bourbon.
As of 2018, 95% of all bourbon is produced in Kentucky, according to the Kentucky Distillers' Association. As of 2018, there were 68 whiskey distilleries in Kentucky, this was up 250 percent in the past ten years.
Although historians remain divided on exactly when bourbon was invented and where the name even derives from, we do know that Evan Williams opened the first commercial whiskey distillery in Louisville in 1783 — even before Kentucky was an official state — and that the 1800s were a booming time for the offbeat brown .The origins of the name bourbon are extremely uncertain. However, the most prominent contenders are Bourbon County in Kentucky and Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Both took their names from the House of Bourbon, a European royal house of French origin.
Kentucky boasts some of the richest, most fertile soil in the country, ideal for growing the major ingredient in bourbon: corn. Bourbon must contain at least 51 percent corn, and Kentucky is up to the task. The state has been corn country since its earliest days in the late 1700s.The 'two degrees' rule gives the distillers wiggle room if there is a slight proof drop between gauging and bottling. The intention is for the proof in the bottle to match that of the barrel. This explains why barrel proof whiskeys will often bear a number like 52.7% alcohol rather than a nice round 53%.Larceny Small Batch is a brand extension of Heaven Hill's Old Fitzgerald line. According to their story, back in the day, John E. Fitzgerald used his privilege of holding the keys to Pappy Van Winkle's bonded warehouse, where the Old Fitzgerald bourbons were kept, to steal the best casks for himself.
Cask strength (also known as barrel proof/barrel strength) is a term used by whisky (sometimes spelt "whiskey" in Ireland and the United States) and rum producers to describe a whisky or rum that has not been substantially diluted after its storage in a cask for maturation.
Larceny ended up in a virtual tie for first place with a bourbon with a much higher price point. Most of my friends had never tried Larceny before, and were all very impressed. Thanks so much for such a great bourbon.